10 ways to spot a weight loss scam

For longer than I can remember, there have been weight loss products hitting the market, claiming to revolutionise dieting.

Maximum weight loss with minimum effort, watch the pounds simply fall off and no need for exercise are some of the ludicrous claims made by the makers of these “wonder products”.

The fact is, if a product sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

So here are 10 things to look out for the next time you think of picking up one of these “amazing” weight loss products.

1.The Product sounds too good to be true

Nutritionists spend years researching every ounce of possible data in order to advise us on what to eat and what not to eat. Whilst they may not always agree with each other, one thing they do know is that there is simply no sensational pill or drink that will help you lose weight on it’s own. If you think you’ve found the wonder product of your dreams, the chances are, it will end up in the cupboard along with all the others after a couple of weeks.

2.The advert says you no longer have to watch what you eat

Now you just know this one can’t be true. Sure if you replace an entire meal with a single fruit and nut bar every day, you may find you lose weight. But whilst you are climbing the walls with hunger, you won’t be feeling healthy. “Calories in V Calories out”, still holds a fair bit of clout. So if you eat a burger and chips along side your magic product, you’ve still eaten a burger and chips, so it’s not going to work.

3.No need to exercise

If you want to be healthy, you need to exercise, it’s that simple. Sure if you reduce your food intake dramatically, you’ll probably lose some weight but any product that endorses you doing absolutely no exercise, isn’t interested in your health, so avoid!

4.Permanent weight loss promise

Any product that claims it can guarantee permanent weight loss lying. Yes, if you continue to exercise and eat well after the process is finished, the weight will have a good chance of staying off. However if you do no exercise, tuck into a full English every morning and a big bowl of pasta every night, washed down with a bottle of wine, trust me, the weight will come back

5.Rapid weight loss

Unfortunately, losing weight isn’t like having a haircut or a quick spray tan, it takes time. A couple of pounds a week should really be a sensible target. Not only is this achievable but it is healthy and will avoid possible health issues such as dehydration, gallstones, malnutrition, fatigue and irritability.

6.Burn fat while you sleep

You might be better off believing that father Christmas will be arriving on 24th December. Enough said.

7.The Product suggests a big calorie restriction

This is when you have a product that sits alongside a diet plan. However when you look at the diet plan closely, all you are doing is eating less food. It’s the restriction of food that will make you lose weight and not the product obviously.

8.The Product is scientifically proven

Really? I’d love to see this science. This is usually when a company does a test on 100 people, finds that during the test even though only 25 people lost weight, there were actually 4 of them in a group one after the other. So they can pluck those 4, plus the 5th that followed, who failed to lose weight, and still boast 4 out of 5 people lose weight with our product.

9.It’s available on the High Street

Strange though it may seem, companies like Boots, Super Drug, Holland and Barrett etc. are all there to make a profit. Just because the wonder product is available in these high street stores, doesn’t mean its any good.

10.Celebrity endorsement

Some celebrities really will endorse anything for a pile of cash. Whether it’s a hair product, an insurance plan or a weight loss programme, there is always an ex soap star, pop star or z list star out there to endorse it. Come on, we all know that they might hold up a pot of yoghurt and claim they feel great but in reality, it’s the £500 a week personal trainer they have that helps.

OK, so most of you would probably never fall for any of these scams anyway. In fact if you read my blog on a regular basis, you obviously are interested in health and beauty, so I expect you’re wise to the ways of the “weight loss” marketing machine. But dieting is a multi billion pound industry and there are still a fair few out there, that fall for the miracle pill or powder.

As always, my advice is eat well and get plenty of exercise. This really is the only way to achieve healthy weight loss.


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