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My journey began in 2001 when my love of nursing and all-consuming passion for fitness steered me into a career which found me shaping the lives and bodies of countless individuals.

I qualified as a nurse 20 years ago and started having Botox injections myself while living and working as a nurse in Australia.

I, like many others had baked myself in the sun for years, used sun beds and never really taken much notice of what was on my skin, I certainly wasn’t using any form of SPF and found myself looking 39 at the age of 29.

 I returned from Australia and I knew I wanted my own Skin, health and holistic clinic.

So without leaving nursing altogether, I completed my Botox and Dermal Filler training and later that year, went on to do my Chemical Peel and Dermaroller training.  I have also completed my Independent Nurse Prescribers qualification to prescribe medications in my clinic.

This is not just for Botox prescriptions but a lot of my clients suffer with medical problems and these needs were not being met by their local GP, especially those with acne and more severe skin conditions that I treat at The Green Room.

2 years into my career I was head hunted by a prestigious clinic in Harley Street who asked me to become one of their trainers, to teach others Doctors and Nurses how to do Botox and Dermal Fillers.

I truly love my job as a trainer and work at Harley Street one full weekend a month.  It’s so lovely to teach and help people, as well as offer that support of going into a totally new and somewhat daunting profession.  I remember after my training, it was really quite scary being on your own in this industry, especially when you are self employed.

 I am seeing an increase on the Television of the ‘frozen weird celebrity look’.  Botox Injections can make a person’s face completely change and look somewhat frozen and fake.  The way I inject in my clinic is very unique as I like to keep people looking as natural as possible.

I also teach Body Combat and Spin classes part time, so for me it’s really important to still keep the expression and movement on my face.

I use the Arbonne Skincare range as it is vegan certified, with no nasty chemicals, and I regularly use the AHA Skin Peels, as this makes my Botox last 4-5 months as it is targeting the fine lines and wrinkles.  

I’m trying to get ladies away from the idea that we need to spend hundreds of pounds on moisturisers, toners, serums, cleansers, because it is all a big scam!  Skin glow comes from within, regardless of how much Botox and Filler we have.  We need a good old fashioned, easy to follow, healthy diet and mind!  I run workshops to help people see how easy it is to maintain this for LIFE!  No quick fixes.. see my workshop page for the next event coming up…

So What Is The Green Room ?

The Green Room is a unique approach which harmonises all aspects of inner and outer beauty to dramatically improve overall health, vitality and well-being.

From an initial assessment of you and your lifestyle, I will work closely with you to tailor a program that really addresses the improvements you want to make.

I look at the person as a whole, so not just from a cosmetic view, but from a health and holistic one as well.

Whether it’s a professionally administered touch of cosmetic enhancement for those confidence-sapping signs of ageing, a health and well-being overhaul to kick-start a more energised you, or a personalised nutrition program for weight loss, this could be the start of a truly inspirational journey to the ultimate you.

I am a highly skilled, experienced and caring practitioner, and I am extremely proud of my relentless lust for life, infectious enthusiasm and amazing clients.

I am proud to call my clients my friends and would love to welcome you to

‘The Green Room’

For a totally unique mind, body and personal experience
please feel free to call me on 01202 980450 or 07593517723.

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