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Non Surgical facelift

So…you’ve had a few ‘meh’ days in front of the mirror recently and you’ve a gathering happening soon which demands that the leggings and hoodie stay firmly at home.

New and very gorgeous frock purchased, blow-dry and manicure booked and you’re toying with the idea of getting a little ‘facial assistance’. Ideally you’re looking for that fresh ‘I’m having fabulous sex with a new lover’ look. Now, this look can also be achieved by drinking a glass of wine.

But there lies the problem; once you’ve opened a bottle it seems silly to stop at just the one glass. Trust me, by the time you’ve finished the bottle you will NOT be rocking the fresh and bright look you think you are. You are more likely to resemble Princess Margaret post stroke.

I’ve talked about AHA peels here before and how fabulous they look and feel but now I’d like to share a fantastic product with you that will ensure you get the absolute most out of your peel. This is a pre-peel cream that you use at home to prepare your face; in many cases it allows you to use a higher AHA on your skin, which in turn leads to a longer lasting and more dazzling result.

This pre-peel cream is ideal for new users of glycolic acid (AHA). This antioxidant exfoliating cream moisturises and restores a visibly smoother appearance to skin. Clinically proven to significantly improve firmness, mottled pigmentation and overall clarity. It is oil-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, paba(4-Aminobenzoic acid)-free and non-comedogenic, which means although it is oil free it won’t strip your skin of its natural moisturisers and nutrients. It is formulated with 8% glycolic acid and 2% citric acid.

This really is a way of taking your skin care regimen to a higher level. The antioxidant exfoliating cream uses alpha hydroxy acids to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore smooth radiance for a more youthful appearance. As I mentioned this anti aging face cream is ideal for first time alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) users to target the prevention and correction of photo aging skin. While it does wonders for skin pre-peel, it is gentle enough to be incorporated into your daily skin care regime and leaves you with that gorgeous dewy glow. Hangover and rancid booze breath not included.

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