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Botox Review The Green Room Hazel


“Rebecca Green has been doing my Botox for over 5 years now with fantastic results (they were so good I let her use my before and after photos!).  I think the sign of good work is when no one notices you’ve had it done, but everyone comments how great and healthy you look!  A massive thumbs up from me.  I also treated myself to an AHA facial peel.  Again, fabulous results with noticeably softer skin that was glowing within hours!” Hazel Jay, 42**


Botox review The Green Room Becky Branson“I found Rebecca to be honest (very important) about treatments and expectations, very professional and extremely helpful – never over sells.  She can move her own face and her skin is amazing so this was a good start for me!  The time she takes with her appointments is not rushed and makes you feel special and cared for but also in very safe hands – she really listens to the results you would like and any concerns you have.  I had..yes had a needle phobia, but this lady is wonderful at making you feel calm, using breathing techniques and has actually cured my fear of any injections, she used to work with children so has a wonderful way with people and making them feel at ease.” Becky Branson 31, Poole**

Facial Peel Review The Green Room Gemma“I wanted to thank you for the treatments I had last week, as always I am so pleased with results and feel much more confident once again!  I will be back after Christmas so will make an appointment nearer the time to have my next treatment of Botox and Dermal Filers, but what everyone noticed were the AHA Facial!  I want a course of them for the new year please!  My mum is now considering having something done (she who has been totally against anything in the past) as she is so impressed with the work you have done and how natural it looks in comparison to some other people she has seen!  Thank you so much, after having a previous bad experience I’m so glad I found you!  Just one last thing – my face looks gorgeous so thanks again for making the experience easy for me, and most importantly, pain-free” Gemma-Jane Jones,30**

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 15.24.19I’ve been going to beauty sessions at The Green Room for the last 3 years.  My remit was to freshen my face and to hold back the aging process without getting the ‘frozen’ look.  I now go and see Rebecca on a regular basis for Chemical Peels and Botox.  Rebecca has a wonderful skill in giving me just the right amount of Botox.  My lines disappear but my face retains enough movement to still look natural.  No one can tell I’ve had Botox, but I definitely look much younger than I really am.  I’ve had a wonderful confidence boost with the processes.  Rebecca has only ever suggested treatments that suit my skin and what I want to achieve.  She has actively discouraged me from looking at procedures I don’t need.  I trust her ability and guidance implicitly.  I’m growing older absolutely disgracefully and with Rebecca’s help no one will ever know!” Catherine Folley, Bournemouth, 40**

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 15.24.19“I have a lot of beauty treatments and have been having Botox for years and I have to say the service was fabulous and highly recommend The Green Room.  I am very fussy but from initial contact, through to the end of the treatment, I cannot praise it highly enough.  And I look so much younger.  What I love is the way Rebecca injects, it really doesn’t hurt and I can still move my face, which is something I have not had before.  They normally freeze you, but Rebecca encourages you to keep movement, which I have to say I much prefer now I’m getting older.” Eleanor Stamford, 37, Christchurch.** 

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 15.29.08“I have used 2 other clinics for Botox before and the first time I was left with several bruises on my forehead.  The second clinic I tried, the treatment did not last even 5 weeks and was painful!  I was encouraged to use “The Green Room” as Rebecca has a fantastic reputation in my area, and she treated me with complete professionalism using a technique to inject that is very unique, as I have had no bruising.  I was so impressed that I did not have any red marks, or bruises at all, I could just go out! Amazing!  Best experience and my face looks more flawless and I look alert and refreshed!  Best ever and would highly recommend to everyone!”  Theresa Wilde, 37, Salisbury.**

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 15.30.17“Rebecca was so  friendly and proffesional. I have been having botox for a few years but the results you get at the green room are the best I have ever seen. She has such a great reputation and even works for a clinic in Harley Street teaching doctors how to do botox.  I also use the Arbonne skincare as people notice my skin glowing and no one notices my botox!  The Green Room is a  really relaxed atmosphere, glad I found her!” Nicole, 40 Bournemouth.**



“Excellent treatment. I have a lot of beauty treatments and have to say the service was fabulous and highly recommend The Green Room.  I am very fussy and have to say from initial contact through to the end of the treatment I cannot praise The Green Room highly enough.”  Susie Whitmore, 48, Bournemouth.**

“What a lovely lady, so professional and made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure.  The Green Room is beautiful and you feel so relaxed with all the candles on.  I’ve also booked in for another AHA Facial as she does these too..this lady has very magical hands, not only do I look 10 years younger, I feel it too!” Sally P,  57, Bournemouth.**

“I would recommend this to anyone, she really encouraged me to keep some lines on my face, now where do you ever hear that in a clinic, they are just after your money, but I am so pleased with my Treatment for lines and wrinkles as I look healthy, not frozen and done!  I love it Becky, thank you, look forward to seeing you again.” Kathy Pearce, 41,  Bournemouth.**

**Results may vary from person to person.

There are more Green Room Botox reviews  available on the What Clinic Website.  In 2013/14 and 2015 The Green Room received a What Clinic award for customer service.  Please click on the image below to find out more

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