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Firstly, lets be honest here, it is NEVER a ‘good’ time to lose weight……there will ALWAYS be an event, party, opening of an envelope to attend.  However, you have to start somewhere and with a little bit of forward planning you can always incorporate the odd treat and still stay on the weight loss and healthy lifestyle path.

Have you tried every diet on the market and you never seem to shift those pounds?  If you do lose the weight do you then pile it all back on?  Well, it could be because you’re actually not eating enough. Sounds weird, right?  But stick with me here.  Not eating enough causes your body to go into storing/starvation mode; a kind of self-preservation thing that stores fat in case you never eat again! Clearly, you do not need this while trying to lose weight otherwise you wake up one morning and it’s ‘hellooooo muffin tops!’  To help you sustain a balanced weight you need to follow the Green Room Plan. I promise you will see real results within a few weeks.

This is NOT a ‘drink a shake and lose it in 5 minutes’ fad diet.  Arbonne protein shakes are incorporated into the plan but as a supplement, not a meal replacement.  You will be eating at regular intervals and using the shakes as well.  So no starving marvins!  Furthermore, these shakes are all gluten, soya, dairy and wheat free.

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I’m not a fan of the word diet –  it automatically makes you think of depriving yourself, and that typically leads to eating yourself into a carbohydrate coma or overdosing on Skittles.  However, I do advocate a healthy lifestyle when it comes to eating and that is one that includes a sensible mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  Fats and carbohydrates have had some bad press recently, but believe it or not there are good ones you and your body NEED in your life to enable you to function at full throttle.  The Green Room healthy eating plan is really easy to follow and if, like me, you live a hectic life and don’t have a lot of time to prepare balanced meals, then this really is the perfect, low maintenance plan for life.

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I am here to help you every step of the way but, of course, it will need dedication from you.  There is no ‘quick fix’, as it takes work and effort to change your body, but I always like to be upfront and honest with my clients about these things.  Patience, persistence and energy all play a significant part.

The fitness/diet industry love to sell the latest miracle pills or 3 minute wonder work outs –  they want you to believe that minimum effort is required to achieve the body of your dreams.  Let’s be honest, if they were that brilliant we would all be doing it!  I personally think that most people are a little savvier these days and appreciate honesty.  I’m here to say that, yes, changing your body does take time, and energy, but it’s doable and worth it.  What’s more you will start see and feel the results within a few short weeks and I will be here every step of the way helping and guiding you to reach your goal.

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Before we begin even talking about nutrition I will take you through an initial consultation.  This comprehensive health check involves an analysis of your body composition – weight, body fat percentage, circumferential measurements and postural assessment.  This provides a benchmark for us to work from, and another platform from which results can be analyzed.

Your progress will be monitored and emailed to you, which helps keep you on track and stay motivated. You have made a decision to change and that decision is the first HUGE step towards a new you.  By taking responsibility for achieving your own goals you will be successful, have faith!


So you’ve achieved your desired weight and now the fun REALLY starts!
Clearly, nothing will have been achieved if, after losing the weight, you start to put it back again.  So, once you reach your desired weight, it is important that you do not go back to your old eating habits.  A healthy diet should include a sensible mix of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats that the body needs for daily health.  Once you have achieved your target weight it is advisable to continue a healthy eating plan.  But trust me this will be so easy, as the foods you have now brought into your life will be ones that you actually enjoy eating.  Of course there will be holidays and days where you cheat a bit, the important thing is to treat them as just that – the odd day here and there.

The foodstuffs contained in the plan (such as the meats, fish and vegetables) are useful and healthier alternatives to processed foods, high fat foods and high sugar foods, so you can continue to combine these healthier alternatives to help you maintain your new lower weight


Firstly, this should not be thought of as a luxury, but an essential ingredient in your new, healthy life. These days most people are working out or taking part in some form of physical exercise and this is great. But gym alone is not going to achieve all the results you want –  it’s all about what you eat.  I will provide you with a personal eating plan and your first 30 days supply of all 9 nutritional products and vitamins.  I will also be recording regular body measurements and provide ongoing support throughout.  There are also different weight loss packages available.

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For more information about the GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE healthy eating plans please ask.

This plan is designed for a person to lose weight in a gradual way that enables
the body to eat a healthy, protein-rich diet, with the assistance of meal
replacement and/or protein shakes and bars as well as normal food so that your
body obtains its nutritional needs from a range of sources.  Arbonne protein
shakes and bars are based on VEGAN pea protein, rice protein and cranberry
seed protein that are bio-available to the body.  They are also soy-free, whey-free,
gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan approved.

ARBONNE is a member of the council responisble for nutrition and backed by the MAYO clinic – the largest research clinic in the world!

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This is not a medically-supervised diet but is designed to help you lose weight. If you have any health concerns you should seek medical advice from your doctor before starting any weight loss plan or programme. In the unlikely event of you feeling unwell while on this plan you should seek medical attention immediately and show your doctor this eating plan. This plan has been compiled by an Arbonne Independent Consultant with specific advice from nutritionally-trained professionals and medical professionals with the aim of helping you achieve healthier eating choices and to lose weight. Arbonne International has not developed or approved this plan and can therefore accept no responsibility for it. Any questions or concerns about the plan please contact the Arbonne Independent Consultant who gave you this plan.

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