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Are you, like me, not entirely sure what you’re doing when it comes to make-up?  Do you feel like you’re fudging it a little each time you apply?  Well, this could be the workshop for you.   I currently work with two incredible make-up artists – they are more than qualified to advise on what suits your individual colouring and how this can change with age and the seasons.   There are probably reasons why the make-up that suited you when you were 18 is no longer working for you, or even achieves the same results.

The girls will be working with the Arbonne range of cosmetics, which are currently getting a lot of love.  From the, quite frankly, amazing Primer, right through to: foundations (which have been compared to Georgio Armani’s product in terms of quality) bronzers, illuminators, blushers, eye shadows, lip and eyeliners, lipsticks and mascaras. You can rest assured that you’re going to achieve a look that lasts all day and that you will be applying products that are not harmful to your skin or the environment.

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Our talented make-up professionals can also give you amazing top tips on how to do the shortest ever ‘get up and go’ make-up which is priceless for busy mornings.    If you’re a minimalist by nature, make-up wise, we can also show you how to achieve a more ‘evening’ look while still retaining a natural and subtle glow.   If you’d like to get more glamorous they can help you achieve this with some key, on-point looks.

Places are limited and we do advise you bring your own brushes, however, we will be selling a full range of brushes, if you suddenly think yours may have seen better days!



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