Are you ready to embrace your body?

You may have read my recent blog about beauty dysmorphia and people who struggle, in an attempt to reach perfection.

As a follow on from that, I want to talk about body confidence issues, which is another subject many can relate to.

For those of you who have not seen this picture before, this is Australian mum of 3, Taryn Brumfitt.

Taryn had been suffering from body confidence issues and decided the only way to deal with trying to shift the weight she gained through having children, was to enter the world of competitive bodybuilding.

But even after she slimmed down and gained muscle, Taryn found that the way “she” thought about her body was no different.

“I did have the perfect body.” She told Cosmopolitan “Or near enough perfect but nothing changed about how I felt about my body”

In 2012 she was all set to have plastic surgery to improve her figure but all of a sudden, she had a complete change of heart

“If I go through with this, what am I saying to my daughter about body image? How will I teach her to love her body? How am I going to encourage her to accept and love her body, when I am standing in front of her with a surgically enhanced body? What type of hypocrite or mother would I be?”

Taryn has now started a group to help women embrace their own natural body. She’s not saying don’t be healthy, don’t be fit and enjoy being in shape, she’s simply saying, don’t use the hatred of your own natural shape, to be the focus of your keeping fit.

Taryn’s story isn’t a one off, it’s thought that people can have negative issues regarding the appearance of their bodies from as young as 3 years old. Even if you work out, eat well and do everything you can to keep fit, we all come in different shapes and sizes and maybe it’s time we need to accept this.

So you think you’ve got a big bum? You wish your legs were longer? Your shoulders are too thin? Or you’ve got big hips? Well I bet there isn’t a single person on the planet that doesn’t have something about themselves that they don’t think is perfect. But is it worth getting upset about?

There are people who take no exercise, don’t care about what they eat and in all honesty, probably don’t really care about their appearance at all but for most of us, we like to try to look and feel as good as we can. We are the normal people, the one’s that worry when we get a few spots, have a bad hair day or can’t squeeze into their favourite top or shirt. If you put on a bit of weight during your summer holiday, that’s natural and you’ll shift it soon enough. What’s worrying are those people who already have a great, healthy physique but continue to be unhappy.

There’s a couple of facts in life, one of which is that we are all going to get older. Fortunately with a few of my treatments, a bit of good exercise and a reasonably healthy diet, we can keep ourselves looking great for years to come. What you don’t want to do is take it too the extreme. You all know my policy on people who want a “frozen face” botox look, I won’t treat them. In fact any potential client who looks like they are “obsessed” with treatments, usually won’t get treated by me. I’m all about the “natural” look.

It’s exactly the same when it comes to our bodies I think. There are those that might have a little bit of minor surgery and I’m not going to lecture them but there are also those who become obsessed and end up looking like freaks, usually face and body. Some, particularly men, get obsessed with piling on muscle until they get huge. Then not content with that, they’ll resort to steroids and pump themselves up even more, while killing themselves on the inside. The worst part about it? Most of them don’t look that great once they’ve pumped up anyway.

So, my little tip is this. Accept the fact that we’re getting older. Take reasonable steps to hold back the years a little or perhaps just make yourself look a fabulous 40 or 50, rather than trying to knock off 20 years. Have your botox, a facial or two, or any of the other treatments I offer and take care of yourself on the inside too. Eat well, drink plenty of water and get plenty of good, healthy exercise.

We’ll never have the perfect body, we’ll never have the perfect face but let’s make the best of what we have and embrace it’s natural beauty


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