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Neostrata premium skin care

There can be little doubt that cosmetic procedures are on the up, for both men and women. 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30 etc, etc. Joe and Joanna Public are realising that being middle aged doesn’t have to mean looking middle aged; and anyway you’re allowed to lie!

But what about your current beauty regime and how can that help either before, after or instead of a cosmetic procedure? The answer? A lot.

Chances are you have been following the same system for years with little thought to the change in your skin and even less to changing your products. I should imagine that these ‘regimes’ range from the ‘soap and water’ to the ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ with a few wet wipes thrown somewhere in the middle for good measure (ahem).

A recent study pioneered by Procter & Gamble discovered that it was actually skin tone, and not wrinkles, that gave the ageing game away. Wrinkles are something that can be addressed by surgical or non-invasive techniques, but that bright, healthy complexion can sometimes be more elusive. What if I told you there was a host of skincare products out there that could deliver just this? You’re sitting up a little straighter, right?

NeoStrata have done the (seemingly) impossible and, yes, I am talking from experience; however don’t take my word for it just check out the recent editorials in The Times and The Daily Mail, where there are plenty of testimonies extolling the virtues of using their products. The secret seems to be in their scientifically based AHA and PHA technologies. Their range is truly extensive from a daily regimen or an effective remedy for an existing skin condition through to skin renewal peels and skin plumpers; everything you need to combat fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin tone is right here.

They recently had a huge success at the ‘My Face My Body’ awards where they won the award for ‘best cosmeceutical range’. I actually didn’t know this when I began using their products a few weeks ago. However, every second person telling me how amazing my skin looked was affirmation enough for me.

At The Green Room we are happy to give you a free consultation about any of the NeoStrata products; you will be astounded by the results. A healthy, rosy glow without the mulled wine or the hangover has got to be good news!

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