Beating the Monday Blues

Beating the Monday Blues

It was one of those days today when you’re glad you have had Botox injections, as I felt 100 years old.

After hardly any sleep and this awful cold, that makes a rhino sound like a butterfly compared to your own breathing, I was not in the mood to shout and scream and listen to loud music. No matter how much your head is screaming at you to go to your spin class, your duvet seems to have this magical pull that’s making you stay in bed!!

If I was paying to go to this class then my bed is exactly where I would have stayed. Either that or dragged myself in front of Lorraine Kelly with a huge cup of coffee. But I can’t do this, as I’m the instructor of the class! Lol

I’ve had this awful head cold and sore throat over the weekend and its only for my class participants, who are so loyal at attending every week to hear my latest tunes and give it the “ravers strong arm”, that make my Monday morning an amazing class.

I love teaching and although I now only teach 4 classes a week, its amazing how it can change your day. Just 45 mins this morning has set me back on track for the week, and I’m so glad I didn’t pick up the phone and ask for cover.

But I always come out feeling on top of the world and I’m always so glad that I did it. It’s such a great way to start your week!

So when that little voice is telling you not to exercise, you have to stop yourself from even allowing these negative thoughts to come in. Obviously if your temp is 90 degrees and you look like Courtney love coming back from an all night party, then yes get yourself back to bed.

Sometimes even just stepping outside can do you and your mind the world of good. So don’t talk yourself out of the class or gym session you have planned for this week, as you’ll feel better afterwards. Plus you can eat after, and that’s always the best bit! x

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