Treatments – Beauty and Aesthetics Reborn

The Green Room offers a wide range of Non Surgical Aesthetic and Beauty treatments in our busy Bournemouth clinic.

In an ever-expanding and unregulated industry, it is a comfort to know that my qualifications, medical expertise, teaching skills and extensive experience with women can safely and professionally enhance the looks, and lives of women across the country.

I only use the world’s leading products from British companies with over 100 years’ heritage in clinical excellence – and treat every client as an individual, giving a truly unique beauty experience.

At The Green Room I use Anti-wrinkle Injections to treat:

    • Frown Lines
    • Lines on the forehead
    • Periorbital lines, also known as Crows’ feet
    • Lift the Neck/Jowls  
    • Tighten the bands in the neck when protruding


Advanced Anti-wrinkle Injections – Botulinum Toxin type A techniques including:

  • Mentalis
  • Perioral lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Brow lift
  • Axillary Hyperhydrosis Treatment – Injections to control excessive perspiration

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