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Busy Getting Fizzy!!

Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks
TheGreenRoom | July 6, 2015

If you’ve come to any of my Workout classes over the past couple weeks, chances are you’ve heard me raving over my Arbonne Fizz Sticks and Protein I take. It’s my favourite and I couldn’t be without these essential Nutritional Products in my day to day living.. I wanted to give you guys a real quick and easy […]

Invitation to my presentation

TheGreenRoom | January 29, 2015

How many times do we see those adverts telling us we can earn extra £££££££££ by just doing a few hours (something) a week? They are everywhere, right? And there’s a part of you that thinks… hmmmmm I could use the extra cash but do I have to sell my soul to the devil in […]

Lip Stick Love – Valentines Day Special Offer

TheGreenRoom | January 21, 2015

Calling all you lovers of Cupid (and romance generally). We are a two shakes of a spring lamb’s tail from that day dedicated to St. Valentine. Even if you don’t buy into the mushy stuff it’s certainly a day to celebrate love and that can’t be a bad thing given our current climate, which seems […]

Happy new skin – Sorry I meant happy new year!

TheGreenRoom | January 21, 2015

  After Christmas, it’s pretty common to see a lot of spots pop up in the New Year.  The rich food, alcohol and distinct lack of five-a-day can mean your skin suffers with grease and blocked pores. Even though you’re drinking so much water and trying out every detox, your skin just won’t clear up!  […]

It’s your loss… Protein shakes with a difference!

Arbonne Nutrition Logo
TheGreenRoom | January 21, 2015

It was only relatively recently that most major diet fads involved replacing two meals a day with a form of liquid; sometimes a soup, more often some hideous type of synthetic tasting ‘shake’. They tasted foul and you were perpetually starving! No wonder they we ultimately failed at the ultimate goal of losing weight and […]

It’s all about the ‘filling’ this Crimbo!

Derma Fillers before and after
TheGreenRoom | December 15, 2014

There is no singular ‘type’ of woman that approaches The Green Room to enquire about Dermal Fillers and everyone has various reasons for why they want fillers: some want their lines and wrinkles to be less prominent, while others are focusing on evening out pock marked or uneven skin. What unites most of us is […]

Botox Blog with Gallery

Botox for Cows Feet
TheGreenRoom | December 15, 2014

I can talk and babble for England as many of you will aware. However, much as I like my chats and my blogs to be informative, sometimes a more visual medium is needed. Because most of the enquiries I get centre around Botox and Fillers I thought it may be an idea to show you […]

Chemicals in Skin Care

Chemicals in Test Tubes
TheGreenRoom | December 15, 2014

Unarguably we are taking better care of our skin and hair than we used to. Or are we? In an age where cosmetic surgery is considered, not only acceptable, but standard practice and one in which creams and potions that sell for £100 plus are flying off the shelves, do we really know what we […]

Skin Booster

Restylane Vital Main Image
TheGreenRoom | December 15, 2014

I was once told if you wanted to know the true age of a woman you had to focus on their décolletage and the back of their hands. It’s becoming increasingly harder to determine the age of young girls that visit The Green Room for skin consultations as they act and dress so much older […]

Are you ready to embrace your body?

TheGreenRoom | July 24, 2014

You may have read my recent blog about beauty dysmorphia and people who struggle, in an attempt to reach perfection. As a follow on from that, I want to talk about body confidence issues, which is another subject many can relate to. For those of you who have not seen this picture before, this is […]

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