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Why Cheap Botox won’t be cheerful !

TheGreenRoom | May 29, 2014

You can’t buy a second hand cheap car and expect the same results as an Audi! It’s the same with anything in life – cars, hair, beauty treatments – you really do get what you pay for. When people enquire and say that the cost of my Botox treatments are a little more than some […]

Why size really does matter!

TheGreenRoom | May 29, 2014

Size Does Matter! ! It really does. And before you think I’m being rude, I’m talking about the size of the needles I use at The Green Room for my botox treatments. I use very tiny needles, in fact they are the same size that children use to give themselves insulin. It’s actually more painful […]

AHA Facial Peel / Skin Peel Testimonial – Laura

TheGreenRoom | May 29, 2014

My client was really nervous about having the AHA facial. Like many people she was worried she would peel after the procedure, but with the AHA there is no down time and people often have these wonderful facials on their lunch breaks as they only take 20 mins. AHA Facials are what’s known as skin […]

Cheek Enhancement (Dermal Filler) Testimonial – Hazel

TheGreenRoom | May 29, 2014

Cheek enhancements are becoming more and more popular.   They give a fresh, youthful look, adding a small amount of natural looking volume. which helps improve overall skin firmness. Hazel was only looking for a very subtle enhancement and as you can see from her video, not only is she delighted with the results of […]

Lip Enhancement Testimonial – Becky

TheGreenRoom | May 23, 2014

One of the things that often puts people off having the treatments they really want, is the fear of needles.   Shortly I will be publishing a series of blogs and information on how I successfully get people to overcome this fear and in fact, realise that most treatments involve very little pain at all. […]

5 Things you can do every day to seriously improve your life

TheGreenRoom | May 15, 2014

Sometimes it’s really easy to get bogged down by negativity. Even the most optimistic of us can have a ‘glass half empty’ type of day. There is little doubt that positivity breeds positivity, if in doubt try it: smile at someone…it’s very difficult not to smile back! Positive mental attitude  (or PMA) has been proven […]

7 Great tips to aid better sleep

TheGreenRoom | May 5, 2014

Not everyone needs eight hours but if you have been feeling low recently, or simply worn out, the solution could be better sleep. Some of these tips are just reiterating what you already know but they are undoubtedly important. I speak from experience. I’ve made a few changes lately and am having fantastic sleep. Mentally […]

AHA Face Cream – The secret to great looking skin

Non Surgical facelift
TheGreenRoom | April 21, 2014

So…you’ve had a few ‘meh’ days in front of the mirror recently and you’ve a gathering happening soon which demands that the leggings and hoodie stay firmly at home. New and very gorgeous frock purchased, blow-dry and manicure booked and you’re toying with the idea of getting a little ‘facial assistance’. Ideally you’re looking for […]

The Benefits of Eating Chocolate

TheGreenRoom | April 20, 2014

I bring you this blog from a slightly odd and uncomfortable mental and physical place. I’m battling between the teeth chattering mania of a sugar rush and the total slump of a self induced carbohydrate coma. The reason for this rather unnatural state is a combination of Easter eggs and hot cross buns. In order […]

The Latest 2014 Fitness Crazes

The Green Room Blog Club Fit dance Excercise
RGreen | March 25, 2014

It would seem that the fitness industry is having a, long overdue, shake up and hoorah for that! Previously a big new craze only hit our gyms and church halls around every ten years or so. I’m thinking the last big crazes were Step Aerobics in the 80s, Spinning in the 90s and Zumba in […]

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