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Botox or “Bro”tox – The number of men having Botox in the UK hits all time high

RGreen | December 2, 2013

According to a report over the weekend on the Daily mail website, it seems that the number of men in the UK, having Botox is up by 25% since 2012. Bianca London Writes; Simon Cowell and Rylan Clark have both admitted to freezing time with the help of Botox – and it seems that the […]

Award winning Neostrata – A new era in premium skincare solutions

Neostrata premium skin care
RGreen | December 2, 2013

There can be little doubt that cosmetic procedures are on the up, for both men and women. 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30 etc, etc. Joe and Joanna Public are realising that being middle aged doesn’t have to mean looking middle aged; and anyway you’re allowed to lie! But what about […]

Non Surgical Facelifts – All the gain, without the pain?

Non Surgical facelift
RGreen | November 24, 2013

You know those days where you wake up feeling pretty good? Less aches and pains then normal, sun may be shining, people managing to not get on your last nerve? And then you look in the mirror! Reality check! Your face is not reflecting that harmonious inner being. In fact your face is saying that […]

Eat Well, Look Great – Eggs! and why you should love them

RGreen | November 21, 2013

How many of you have skipped breakfast today? Eating a Healthy breakfast is a key necessity to weight control and prevention of illnesses. Skipping breakfast can severely impair your metabolism, mental alertness and heighten your chances of weight gain. A nutritionally balanced breakfast should be low in fat and include high quality foods that provide adequate […]

Friends, Skin Tags and too many Pies!

RGreen | November 21, 2013

Having recently been to a friends birthday dinner for pie night, I was talking about my new treatment Cryotherapy, which freezes warts, skin tags, verrucas and moles. Don’t worry we ate the pie first before talking tags! I was quite shocked to find 3 of the guys sat at the table all had skin tags on […]

Teaching At Harley Street

RGreen | April 19, 2013

HARLEY STREET – TEACHING I started my new job as a trainer up at Harley Street last month and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. When they contacted me back in October I really thought they had called the wrong person! They had been watching me for the year and said they were […]

I can’t believe it’s not Botox!

RGreen | April 17, 2013

Botox treatments are becoming increasingly popular in not just Bournemouth but all around the globe. Appearance to both Males and Females are becoming increasingly a focus point in day to day living, with more time and money being spent to look our best ! According to privatehealth.co.uk, women spend on average each year £2,055 on […]


RGreen | April 15, 2013

When I see a client walk in with their head bowed to the floor, I can totally empathize with how they are feeling. Having had bad skin while living and working as a nurse in Australia it’s something I personally had to cope with on a day to day basis. The thought of going out […]

“Make Me Wrinkle Free!” (But Not Frozen)

RGreen | December 24, 2012

This is increasingly becoming a common request from clients when coming for treatment at The Green Room. After the initial consultation I explain that going ‘wrinkle free / Frozen look’ can actually make you look older than you really are.

3 Tips For Becoming A Much More Powerful YOU!

RGreen | December 24, 2012

There are many different events and moments throughout life that can bring you utter joy and happiness: A breathtaking moment in one of your favourite places, a simple, wonderful comment from someone important to you, even just a day spent at home relaxing, not having one ounce of care in the world.

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