Botox and Emotional WellBeing

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There has been LOADS of information written about Botox with regards to its ability to provide a smoother and fresher complexion; there has also been many a paper published on its incredible success as a painkiller and heralding its new position in offering a real solution to the ‘overly sweaty’ armpit problem.

But what about the emotional well being it can bring?   This may sound like I’m stating the obvious but bear with, there is actually more to this than it would initially appear.    We all know how a great new haircut or spot of retail therapy can work wonders on the soul but it would seem Botox takes this above and beyond the initial ‘Yeah, I feel good today’ vibe.

There is a school of thought that believes that by simply forcing your face into a smile or frown will induce feelings of happiness or sadness.  Remember being told to smile while on the phone to sound warmer and more approachable?  Or being forced to laugh when in a terrible mood as you somehow ‘trick’ your body into thinking it’s happier than it is?  It’s a bit like that………



Eric Finzi, a dermatological surgeon, who wrote a book called The Face of Emotion, has studied this in some detail.   He believes that by being unable to frown interrupts the feedback loop to the brain that causes a negative outlook and thus improves mood.   He believes facial expressions are “the power behind the throne”, the principal driver of our moods and feelings.   More than that, he thinks he can change people’s feeling of mental well being by manipulating what they can do with their face.

This might seem a little ‘basic’ but he certainly has some amazing success stories.   One person who had had severe depression for 13 years felt so much better after Botox that he decided not to take his Prozac. Another who had tried therapy and various antidepressants with no effect reported a “dramatic improvement” after Botox injections.

Of course, it could be that people just react better to people with a more carefree face.    We all know someone whose default facial setting is quite stern, even when they’re perfectly happy.   It’s easy to see how these people could attract negative or angry outbursts.

So this little miracle worker adds another string to its bow!  Incredible to think that while improving your physical features you could actually be lightening up your whole emotional psyche too.  Mind well and truly blown!




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