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Botox for Cows Feet

I can talk and babble for England as many of you will aware. However, much as I like my chats and my blogs to be informative, sometimes a more visual medium is needed.

Because most of the enquiries I get centre around Botox and Fillers I thought it may be an idea to show you some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures so you can better get an idea of what to expect. My previous blogs and Green Room website will give you a more in depth look at what to expect during the treatment itself but I hope these pictures will give you an idea of what you can realistically expect. It also gives you the opportunity to scrutinise my work and some poor unexpecting client’s face! (Only joking……and before you ask, yes I have had permission to use these pics!)

First of all I’m going to show you some before and after Botox pics. There are 3 areas that I typically get asked about: Crow’s feet (such a lovely term!), forehead and those frown lines which sit at the top of the nose between your eyebrows (often called the ‘11’ or ‘frown’ lines)

Crow’s Feet:
Botox before and after crows feet

Botox for Forehead

Botox for frown lines

I have to add that these photos are typical of the results you can expect. That are not doctored and I haven’t chosen them because they are showing extreme changes; rather they are pictures my friends and family have agreed to let me share! Because I only use the very best Botox available many of my clients will see their results last around 6 months.

Now, time to look at Dermal Fillers. As with Botox it is becoming increasingly apparent that they are not just a cosmetic enhancement. Botox is now widely recognised as a pain reliever in all matter of ailments from migraines to Cancer. Dermal Fillers are regularly used to treat severe acne pitted skin as the photo below will indicate. Other popular areas for Derma Fillers are the eye troughs (directly under the eye where Botox can’t reach!), the cheeks, the naso-labial lines (which run from the side of your nose down to your mouth) and the marionette lines (which start at the sides of your mouth and head south!)

Acne scarring:

Acne scarring treatment before and after

The naso labial:
Naso labial line treatment before and after

The eye trough:

The marionette lines:
Marionette Lines treated with dermal fillers before and after

And, lastly, the cheeks:

cheek enhancement bournemouth fillers












As you will notice, I included an immediately after picture to the last set.
This is to give you an indication of how quickly you will see results.
Typically these results will last you a year.

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