78% of women want botox for a Valentines gift!

Botox Valentines Gift

78% of women would be impressed if a partner bought them Botox for a Valentine’s gift, according to the Daily Mail.

This is astounding. You might think that most women would be upset. What is my partner saying? I have wrinkles or I am not ageing well? The same research suggested that only 7% of women would be offended. Perhaps Botox treatment has become similar to receiving a teeth whitening treatment or dieting package.

If you think about it these too could send the wrong message. Are my teeth yellowing? Am I fat? You could even say that perfume has a double meaning. Do I smell?

So is Botox treatment becoming the norm?

Apparently men have been researching whether their partner would appreciate Botox treatment. Not necessarily because they don’t love their partner as they are. They understand that minor adjustments to the way she looks might make her feel more confident and content. Not many gifts can offer that.

A particular site, specialising in beauty, has noted a huge surge in queries like: “Which aesthetic treatments can I give as a gift to my partner without offending her?” Even thinking of Botox treatment as a gift, suggests that times are changing.

Of course, it is best not to give Botox as a surprise. Like perfume, it is best to buy a type that your partner likes rather than try and select a new fragrance. Perfume can of course be very expensive. You might like the smell but she might not. What is even worse is the fragrance may change when it is applied to her skin.

As with perfume it is better to know if your partner’s preferences regarding any form of beauty treatment, just in case. It is best to find out beforehand when the idea can be mentioned during a light conversation, in a non-offensive way. Then the gift of Botox is likely to be fully appreciated!

I mean, can 78% of women be wrong?

Green Room VoucherMaybe your wife or girlfriend has mentioned it before? And ladies, if you are reading this, you only have 10 days left to drop a few hints.

You can always buy, or get your partner to buy one of my vouchers. My vouchers can be tailored to any single or combination of treatments and they are for both men and women.

If you really want to make an impact, then maybe buy one for each other, or even share one voucher covering a treatment for both. What could be more romantic than a bit of his and hers valentines beauty treatment 🙂

I run The Green Room Beauty Clinic in Bournemouth. It is one of the most popular and well respected clinics in the area and you’ll find it warm, relaxing and welcoming.

If you want to give or receive a valentines gift that will last for months and not just a few days, then one of my treatments may be just the gift you are looking for.

Becky x

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