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Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks

Fizz Sticks

If you’ve come to any of my Workout classes over the past couple weeks, chances are you’ve heard me raving over my Arbonne Fizz Sticks and Protein I take. It’s my favourite and I couldn’t be without these essential Nutritional Products in my day to day living..

I wanted to give you guys a real quick and easy blog today and share a recipe for my all around go-to drink of choice these days, whether I’m teaching a class/off to bootcamp at 6am, working in The Green Room or running my Arbonne Business – these are business tools I need to keep focused in all areas of my work.


These little guys are packed with such a gorgeous fruity flavour and provide energy for that early morning/mid day slump, and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours. HOORAH!

For those soda (or pop…as some of us 30 somethings know it as) drinkers, Fizz sticks will give you that fizzy carbonation from your Coke or Pepsi, without the extra calories, additives and it’s much kinder to your tummy as well

The Arbonne Fizz Sticks come in two flavours, Pomegranate and Citrus, and convenient little stick packs that can easily be added to any water bottle.

Studies show that the Arbonne Fizz can help temporarily reduce fatigue and promote alertness and endurance.


Each pack contains B vitamins and Chromium to help boost energy, along with caffeine derived from botanical sources (green tea and guarana). 

The best part is that each stick boasts only 2g of sugar! A 350ml can of can of fizz can contain upto 25g of sugar. Big difference!

Another great tip which is also lovely – Add your fizz stick to the Arbonne Herbal Tea and add Ice. It such a lovely summer drink. There’s mine above which I had while sat outside writing this blog for you today.

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