When I see a client walk in with their head bowed to the floor, I can totally empathize with how they are feeling. Having had bad skin while living and working as a nurse in Australia it’s something I personally had to cope with on a day to day basis.

The thought of going out and socialising fills you with dred and every where you look there’s people with perfect skin!  Does this sound like you?

A lot of my clients have tried every over the counter lotion, and for a while your spotties take a small vacation, but after 4-6 weeks they return! 

The reason they are often short term or don’t even work at all, is due to  the ingredients in these products.

Over the counter products, more commonly known as cosmetic products and are not legally allowed to penetrate deeper than the epidermis.

To make changes to the structure in your skin, you need to be working from the lower layers where new collagen and cells are formed.  Topical creams cannot achieve this and this is also goes for deeper problems like Hyper-pigmentation, Lines and Wrinkles etc.

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I work closely with every client to ensure they are looking at there skin care from all angles, so not just the creams and treatments, its about how you wash your skin, what foods your eating, lifestyle etc.

We keep in touch through out the week by text message or email and making such small changes like removing bread from your diet can all play a massive part in this healing process.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing a client returning to clinic with the biggest smile on there face, head up high, hair tied back and oozing with confidence.

To book your free Skincare Consultation please call today on 01202 761 742 to see how I can help change not just your skin but your life !

Written By Rebecca Green 



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