Why Cheap Botox won’t be cheerful !

You can’t buy a second hand cheap car and expect the same results as an Audi! It’s the same with anything in life – cars, hair, beauty treatments – you really do get what you pay for.

When people enquire and say that the cost of my Botox treatments are a little more than some Bournemouth based clinics, my reply is always this – The Botox I use is the best you can buy and will last the longest than any other leading brand.

There are many different types of Botox, for example, you have Diet Coke and Pepsi, but then you have the Tescos own Coca Cola/Fizzy alternative. Not quite the same is it?! I use only the highest quality of Botox which gives results in every client I see. But it’s not just about your face, I take time with my clients and advise them also on health and nutrition. The high end clinics in this area are charging the same and often more than The Green Room.

The clinics charging £99 for 3 areas is of massive concern to me, as I’m seeing ladies in clinic who have been to other clinics in the area, paying these extremely low prices, thinking that they are getting a great deal, but what they’re getting is ripped off. Hearing these stories again and again makes me so cross, not only is it bad karma but they are playing with peoples faces, as well as their purses!

The Botox is lasting 6 weeks maximum so if you work this out over 4-5 months (average time my Botox lasts on repeat treatments) it actually costs them £400-£450. When Botox arrives from pharmacy for each of my clients, I dilute this with 0.6ml of saline (sterile water). Botox comes as a powdered form and although one of the most poisonous drugs in the world, when diluted as it should, will give amazing results and very little chance of side effects.

When its over diluted (often up to 3 mls in some clinics) that vial can then be used for up to 4 people! It also has the massive risk of spreading. When Botox is injected it has a 1-2cm diameter that the product will spread, but if you over dilute it, so 3 mls in one vial what happens is the risk of the product spreading is increased, and will only last 5-6 weeks – absolutely shocking! not only are they ripping you off, this is increasing the risk of eye ptosis.

Eye ptosis is a side effect of Botox. It causes the brow to drop into the eye lid area. Not a good look and although it’s not permanent, it’s extremely distressing for the client. So why does this happen? As with any drug there are side effects and this can occur in some clients , but the side effect is greatly increased if injected A. too close to the outer brow or in the danger zone or B. from being watered down.

I think that everybody has the right to shop around and get the best deal but is the best deal always about price?  Make sure whoever you choose uses the best botox products and the finest needles, check their professional credentials and read the reviews on their website and find out as much as you can.

In the long run, you want the best deal for the best results, not the cheapest deal out there 🙂

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