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Facial Peel Review The Green Room Ildeko

“Last year my skin was in a terrible condition due to stress and it was constantly breaking out.  Not a great look for a model!  I was always worrying about how my skin would look in photos.  After a couple of peels I could already see a difference and the healing process of restoring my skin had obviously started.  The treatment has got my skin back to a lovely, clear state and I have had lots of comments about how good it looks.  I am confident now about doing photoshoots.  Thanks so much Rebecca, you are a true professional and I recommend your treatments to any lady who is not happy with the health of her skin.  Bless you xx”- Ildeko Scurr – Dorset**


Facial Peel Review The Green Room Lindsey


“Thank you so much for my chemical peel Rebecca.  I’m so pleased with how my skin is looking, after acne for years I am finally confident to leave the house with NO foundation on.  I’ve never felt more confident with my skin!  The washes and creams helped so much before we even did the peel! Muchos Love! Xx” – Lindsey 23 Ringwood** 




Facial Peel Review The Green Room Jenny



Thank you for doing my facial peel.  My skin feels and looks amazing! The home kit is fantastic as well!  I can’t believe it is only £35 and it actually works!!!!” – Jenny Coulter 29**





Facial Peel Review The Green Room Sue


“At the age of 50 I really started to see a difference in my skin tone and I just lost that brightness.  I eat a very clean and healthy diet, but this wasn’t reflecting in my face.  The AHA Facials have been so noticeable to all my friends and colleagues who say how well I look!  I now have the AHA Facials every 2 weeks as the results are just amazing.  Thank you Rebecca for all your wonderful advice on nutrition and skin care, it really has changed the way I look and most importantly how I feel” –  Sue G 52 Ringwood**


Facial Peel Review The Green Room Gemma“I wanted to thank you for the treatments I had last week, as always I am so pleased with results and feel much more confident once again!  I will be back after Christmas, so will make an appointment nearer the time to have my next treatment of Botox and Dermal Filers, but what everyone noticed were the AHA Facial!  I want a course of them for the new year please!  My mum is now considering having something done (she who has been totally against anything in the past) as she is so impressed with the work you have done and how natural it looks in comparison to some other people she has seen!  Thank you so much, after having a previous bad experience I’m so glad I found you!  Just one last thing – my face looks gorgeous so thanks again for making the experience easy for me, and most importantly, pain-free” Gemma-Jane Jones**

Botox review The Green Room Jack


“Rebecca Green offers a service that is second to none.  She is very professional, yet makes me feel relaxed and at ease.  She can answer fully any queries or questions and explains every step of the service, before and during the treatment.  Rebecca also offers great after care advice and is always eager to see you a couple of weeks after your treatment to ensure you are 100% Happy.  Anybody who is thinking about ‘shopping around’, I have done it for you, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Jack Ralphs**



DermaRoller Review Katie“I started getting acne as a teenager, I used Roaccutane, but it still kept coming back.  About 12 months ago my skin broke out BAD.  My jaw line looked horrific and I was mortified.  No type of makeup was covering this acne.  It was worse than when I was in school – and that was pretty traumatising.  I went to Rebecca and begged for help AND she not only was extremely understanding, but was also considerate of what I was spending because honestly, I couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on getting my skin cleared up.  But to my absolute surprise the cream was only £35 and lasted ages!  She suggested a combination of AHA chemical peels, DermaRoller and Home skin care.  I would HIGHLY recommend her and would go for another round of treatments the next time I need a freshened up look or help clearing my skin.” Katie Eastwood, London**


“Hi Becky, just wanted to say my skin feels amazing after my second peel, can’t wait for the next one now! Thank you so much!” – Sharon 40 Bournemouth**

“I’ve had acne for the last 2 years, I’m in my 30’s and found this very distressing.  But I’ve been having the TCA peels at The Green Room and I’m only half way through my course of treatment, and I can see such a massive improvement.  I’ve also had my Treatment for lines and wrinkles and fillers at The Green Room and Rebecca really is amazing.   She makes you feel so relaxed and has really helped me emotionally through this as well, she should be a life coach!  So I just wanted to put this review on here as I had suffered with my skin and I know how distressing it is.  And I tried lots of different antibiotics and didn’t want to continue as the side effects were so bad, Thank you so much again Rebecca!  You really have changed my life!” – Sara Stratten, Poole**

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