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Did you know that the average woman will spend more than £8,500 on cosmetics over some 60 years? It would be interesting to see how that division of funds splits between your teens, twenties, thirties etc. Certainly most women realise that the lotions and potions that we bought (cheaply) and used in our youth don’t always suit our skins in later years.

For most of us our beauty regime is divided into two distinct arenas: the aforementioned cleansers and creams, that tackle a multitude of skin problems from dry and flaky skin to spots, uneven pigment, dark circles and the odd wrinkle. Then there’s the make-up that follows which hopefully highlights our ‘good’ bits or, at least, covers the bits the creams didn’t!

CoffeeBerry Make Up 2What if I told you there was a new kid on the block that could take care of ALL this: hide your blemishes while protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and improving the condition of your skin?

Say hello to PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® mineral make-up.

Their Perfecting Minerals make-up range is not only good for your skin, they are also kind to the environment too as they are made from 100% natural biodegradable ingredients.

Even the pots they come in are fully biodegradable.

CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals are great for covering up blemishes, improving skin health and protecting from the sun’s harmful rays which leads to younger looking skin. Containing ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (the compounds used in sunscreens), this new form of make-up offers us a foundation that won’t block pores and comes with built-in SPF. It even claims ‘your skin will appear younger’ each time you use the product. They put this down to coffeeberry extract, a potent antioxidant found in the company’s existing skin care range.

In fact, the brand’s founder, Joe Lewis, says these products are so good, he doesn’t even like to refer to them as cosmetics. ‘This is not make-up, this is mineral skin care that doubles as make-up,’ he insists. It’s a hell of a claim, but the research appears to back him up. The company recently ran a clinical trial on its products where 21 women between the ages of 25 and 55 used the CoffeeBerry® concealer, foundation and finishing powder at least once a day. All the participants either had sun-damaged skin or suffered from rosacea.

Coffee Berry Make Up 3The results after the seven-week trial were seriously impressive. They showed a 20% decrease in brown pigmentation (hyperpigmentation), a 23% decrease in red pigmentation (rosacea), a 30% decrease in fine lines/wrinkles and a 39% decrease in skin dryness.

Personally, I think any kind of cosmetic that is going to halt the aging process while tackling any lurking blemishes or problems sounds pretty godamn fantastic.

Talk to me about the PRIORI® Perfecting Minerals range, you’ll be ‘made-up’ you did.

Rebecca x

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