Cryotherapy Treatment for Benign Keratinocytic Lesion

Keratinocytic Lesions are extremely common and mainly of cosmetic concern.

They may occasionally prove painful but are of no medical concern to the client.

Seborrhoeic keratoses (basal cell apillomas) appear like a stuck-on warty plaque and are very common on the face, neck, trunk and as shown with my client, in the hair. 

Its highly common in those aged over 40 years of age.

The surface may be rough or waxy and they will not appear in non-hair bearing areas such as the palms of hands and soles of our feet. There is a familial predisposition in those with hundreds of lesions. They can present as macules, papules, plaques, verrucous, polypoid or pedunculated lesions. They can range in colour from white, brown or black and may be confused with malignant melanoma.

Cryotherapy treatment for lesions

The treatment performed to treat this is Cryotherapy. My client had 4 sessions at 3 weekly intervals. It caused him so much distress and as you can see from the initial picture, he had long hair as this lesion had made him so self conscious that for most of his adult years he had his hair long to cover this area. He’s since shaved his head to a grade 2 all over and tells me it has given him a whole new life as its something he was always conscious of when out with friends or at work.

Cryotherapy treament for benign keratinocytic lesions

Treatments like this really can be life changing, if you have a skin tag, a wart or any kind of lesion that you want to get rid of then please call to see if The Green Room can help. Alternatively you can send a picture to, I will get back to you that day with diagnosis.

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