Food for thought! Do you know what you’re eating?

Heart Shaped Pancakes

I’m loving the food ! Coconut pancakes 2 mornings a week, which by the way do not look like pancakes, it looks like a pancake homicide in the pan!

I’ve bought these cutters you use for baking and frying eggs, (see photo) Let’s just say I’m yet to master the art of the perfect pancake. Watch this space people!

My food-shopping bill is down too. Buying organic does not necessarily mean spending more while living on beans and hugging trees!

It may look more but you’re eating small and often so you do actually save money!

My granddad eats a clean diet every day and all this ‘organic’ talk he finds hilarious! It basically called food to him! This did make me laugh.

Cooked pancakes

Pancake Homicide!

I’m learning so much about food but slightly concerned about what I thought was OK to eat! For example: gluten. Gluten is toxic to your intestinal health; they should call your crisps leaky gut crisps, that would be more accurate. 

Did you know soybean oil is an insecticide? And those cheap prawns are fish farmed in Vietnamese sewage pools. I didn’t know about the sewage fish farming when I bought them, though, really I didn’t!

The broccoli, though..that’s OK isn’t it? I can eat that? Eating that doesn’t make me a terrible person? Unless covered with endocrine disrupting pesticides that will make most men develop moobs!

And who pre-cut this broccoli in the little packets?

I bet it was some poor Mexican person not making a living wage and being treated as a cog in an industrial broccoli slave warehouse. So I’m basically supporting slavery if I eat this pre-cut broccoli.

Oh my God, it’s in a plastic bag too. Which means I am personally responsible for the death of countless endangered birds right now.

The list could go on but its basically its about trying to source your produce and not always go for the cheapest options as this really is doing our bodies more harm than good!

Check out my recipes this week to follow

Becky xx

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