This is going to HURT! Personal Trainer Week 1

Ok, so it’s actually hurting to even type this blog as my arms are killing me from the training session on Friday! Note to self, no training with Nicky Fuller when you have Botox clients booked in the next day!

That wouldn’t look good would it? Your nurse coming towards you with a shaky hand and needle pointing towards your face……. Luckily the arm burn didn’t start till today!

I’ve always been into my fitness and eating healthily but this is a challenge I wanted to do for myself. No matter how fit you think you are, book a session with Nicky and you’ll soon see how fit you can become.

Friends and clients keep asking why I’m doing this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy with my body, but I wasn’t sleeping very well and, most of all, I have never had definition on my abs. This is something I’ve always wanted. I’m not talking Jodie Marsh bodybuilding but just a little definition.

The training is 5 sessions a week with 2 rest days. You might read that and say ‘oh, I couldn’t possibly train that many days’, but the plan sets you on different body parts for each session and I’m in and out of that gym in 30-40 mins.

I’m actually waking up before my 7am alarm, although on Sundays this is slightly annoying!

personal trainer blog 2For me training in the morning works well , but the odd session at 5:30pm in a gym rammed with hot guys working out is also a great workout/lookout! lol

The food is something I’m really enjoying, and I will admit it’s tricky to stick to this 100% as I’m often back-to-back with clients all day, and trying to quickly eat your crackers with almond butter does not work. Bits of your mouth stick together that shouldn’t.

Ultimately, it’s about planning ahead and I’m cooking recipes I really didn’t think I would enjoy, but do. And it so quick!

As a single person it’s often quite hard to cook for one, I would always cook, but my plate would look like it was enough to feed a family of four! I don’t seem to have that switch in my head that tells me I’m full. Which is great for a one off visit to Day’s restaurant but this enforced portion control is really working for my body and energy levels!

Keep reading: I’ll be posting tips and recipes on here for you to try out at home.

You ,may even want to book a session with Nicky.. That’s if you’re totally INSANE! Lol x


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