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Tis the season to be jolly, tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la laaaaaaaa. ‘Tis also the season to get highly stressed, as you run yourself into the ground, while attempting to provide the perfect Christmas dinner for 14 people. Then, of course, you have to buy gifts for people that you barely know or those that already have EVERYTHING. When did putting a satsuma, a lump of coal and a handful of nuts in a stocking stop being OK anyway?

We certainly heap a whole lot of pressure on ourselves during the festive season for what is, essentially, one day.

We food shop as if we are going to be stuck in a bunker for six months and we half kill ourselves ensuring that the day is ‘Christmas card’ perfect. Although it is seen as a time of self-indulgence (Baileys for breakfast, chocolates all day, every day for a month anyone?) It is also a time for desperately trying to please our nearest and dearest.

Breathe………if you can pull yourself away from the turkey or the sherry for an hour we can offer a whole host of solutions…both for you, the frazzled host, and those awkward, impossible people to buy gifts for. The Green Room has some packages available that will provide a perfect pick-me-up. I’m also offering some incredible discounts on some of my most popular treatments.


Botox has been reduced from £190 to £150 for one area; a godsend if you don’t want your great-aunt to see you frown at her annual gift to you of lavender talcum powder.

AHA facials are reduced from £75 to £39. I’m are also doing two for £59. Bingo! These are a great way to make you feel instantly fresher and rejuvenated. Why should the turkey be the only thing with taught, plump skin?

The Green Room offers such a huge variety of treatments that our gift vouchers are sure to hit the spot with those ‘difficult to buy for’ types. And if you’re planning to treat yourself then remember that the healthy glow you get from visiting us will last a whole lot longer than the rosy glow you’ll get from the mulled wine. What the heck…. it’s Christmas…indulge in both!!

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