I can’t believe it’s not Botox!

Botox treatments are becoming increasingly popular in not just Bournemouth but all around the globe.

Appearance to both Males and Females are becoming increasingly a focus point in day to day living, with more time and money being spent to look our best !

According to privatehealth.co.uk, women spend on average each year £2,055 on their appearance. £717 is spent on their bodies, whilst £289 is spent on Botox treatments and creams to help improve their complexion.

My clients often say how they feel so much more positive about themselves after having Botox treatments. But here at The Green Room I like to go that extra mile

I like to look at my clients as a whole, so not just the face but whats going on behind the mask!

We will work through a plan together that looks at your lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and how we can work towards making you a more positive person. Sometimes just adjusting certain foods in your diet can really help to assist this.

Botox really can change a clients life, they feel a new sense of confidence and start to look at themselves in a whole new positive way.  But its how you feel on the inside that gives you that all over glowing positive aura!

To book your free Consultation to discuss Botox treatments, please contact the green room today on 01202 761 742


Botox in Bournemouth

Botox Treatments


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Written By Rebecca Green 



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