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Derma Fillers before and after

There is no singular ‘type’ of woman that approaches The Green Room to enquire about Dermal Fillers and everyone has various reasons for why they want fillers: some want their lines and wrinkles to be less prominent, while others are focusing on evening out pock marked or uneven skin.

What unites most of us is a desire to look healthier and possibly younger; we also want to feel more confident. Unfortunately, the media tends to focus on those celebrities who may have taken their various cosmetic procedures a step too far.   Millions of women (and, increasingly, men) have had great results from dermal fillers; in fact they’re so good you don’t realise they’ve had any ‘work’ done at all!

Dermal Filler Treatment Examples

These ladies above have both had Juvederm Voluma  – Volumising Filler in the Cheek, just under the eye area. This has a result in 3 different areas. Firstly under the eye softens secondly the cheeks look softer and  finally the neck will lift as well showing more of the jaw area,

Dermal Filler in the Lips
Dermal Filler in the Lips – this lady had 1ml of juvederm. It would take 3-4ml to get the ‘Trout Pout’ so pleas dont be afraid of this area being treated. I like to keep it very natural looking.

There are 5 main areas that tend to be popular with this particular treatment.  Firstly those telling ‘smile lines’ or ‘crow’s feet’, as they’re so lovingly called, around the eyes. For those that don’t particularly like Botox, or have more deeply etched lines, filler can work wonders.

Crow’s feet are often one of the first signs of ageing to appear and for such a small area of the face the eyes certainly get their fair share of lines and wrinkles! That’s because the skin around your eyes is double trouble-it’s both active and delicate.

Facial movements and expressions such as smiling, laughing, squinting and sneezing cause you to wrinkle the corners of your eyes. This, combined with loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, associated with advancing age and sun damage, means the skin loses its ability to bounce back from all the action, and crow’s feet begin to appear.

Derma Fillers before and after
Before and immediately after Dermal Filler to the Nasiolabial Lines (nose to mouth).

Secondly, the nasolabial lines, these are the lines that run from the bottom of your nose down to the corners of your mouth.    This is an area which can need assistance as we get older and our facial fat pads are lost which in turn causes the skin to sag downwards and form prominent folds.

Similarly the ‘marionette’ lines, which run from the corners of our mouth down to the chin, can become more visible for similar reasons; fat deposits are lost, but also as we age the ligaments around near the chin and mouth loosen so the skin becomes slacker.  The problem with marionette lines is that they tend to show emotion, even if we are not trying to express anything. Unfortunately, this can lead others to assume we are much angrier or sadder than we actually are.

While we are on the topic of sagging skin and loss of plumpness (I know, it’s harsh…………) how are those cheeks looking? If they’re as voluptuous as they were when you were a teenager then you’re very lucky indeed.  Most of us have lost a touch of the ‘rosy apple’ look over the years.  The trick with cheeks is subtlety; the right look will give you youthful radiance (and quite possibly smooth out some of those lines round the bottom of your eyes), too much and you’ll look an unbaked lump of bread dough……yes, I’m talking to you, Madonna!!

Dermal Fillers before and afters
Client has had Dermal Fillers in the cheeks, under eye area and Botox along the jaw to lift the neck  – Click on this image to take you to the website page

Along with cheeks, lip fillers are probably the procedure people are most wary of.   The trout pouts of Leslie Ash and, more recently, Tulisa, have left many with massive concerns, which is a shame as lip fillers are the one treatment some 78% of women would like to have done, were they not so scared of looking grotesque afterwards.

However, the right amount of filler, injected in the right places can give you that fuller top lip you’ve always wanted, define your cupid’s bow and even iron out those pinched ‘smoker’s lines. Again, subtlety is key.   And of course fillers these days are designed to last a year, so it’s your choice whether you want to maintain the look you’ve achieved.

Toulisa bad case of trout pout
YIKES! Poor Tulisa!  This is not a good look and not one that would ever be performed at The Green Room. The Dermal Fillers I use are very natural and last 6-10 months in the lip area

Dermal fillers are also a great way to treat and potentially get rid of certain types of acne scars.   It is particularly effective for rolling scars and some less defined boxcar scars. They are safe and well tolerated, with great results to fill the depression associated with scars. They are also excellent for volume loss caused by acne scarring.   For those who have suffered pitted skin due to acne in the past this treatment can be a complete life changer.

Some consider these fillers a luxury, others as maintenance.   Either way it’s all about you and because (to coin a phrase) you’re worth it.

Dermal Filler treatment for men before and afters
Mens treatments are becoming very popular at The Green Room. I think that keeping some lines on the face and softening with filler looks alot nicer than taking away expression and natural lines

Dermal filler treatment before and after older lady
Dermal Fillers used in the cheeks. Client has also had botox in the frown and crows feet area.

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