Just 7g of fibre a day can make your heart happy

We have all heard of the benefits of eating fibre. Many people use a high fibre diet as part of their weight loss program. However, new research from Leeds university has shown that just an additional 7g of fibre a day, will also benefit your heart.

The researchers analysed data from different studies, published between January 1st 1990, and August 6th 2013, which recorded

total dietary fibre intake and fibre subtypes, alongside cardiovascular events. The data was collected from Europe, USA, Japan and Australia.

The team looked at both insoluble fibre (whole grains, potato skins etc.) and soluble fibre (nuts, fruit, beans etc.). They suggest that by adding just 7g of mixed soluble and insoluble fibre to your diet each day, could reduce the risks of both cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.

7g of fibre can be achieved by adding one portion of wholegrain bread, cereal, pasta or rice along with a portion of beans, lentils or nuts. However for those who are cutting back on carbohydrates, the same results can be had by adding two to four extra servings of fruit and vegetables to your diet.

At The Green Room, I always take a holistic approach to treating my clients. Looking good on the outside is of course important, but so is feeling good on the inside. I regularly prepare diet sheets and exercise programmes for clients, helping them to achieve both.

As we move closer to Christmas, we will all be over indulging a little. I would be the last person to discourage my clients from having the odd mince pie and cheeky sherry, but it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Try drinking more water instead of coffee or tea during the day, which will help you keep hydrated. Take advantage of those festive fruits and vegetables like clementines, which are high in vitamin C, and the famous brussel sprout, which is packed with vitamins A and C, plus of course iron.

And if you get into the new year, with a weight loss and fitness target, be sure to come and see me for a consultation, as I can help you achieve your 2014 goals.

Have a very Merry Christmas

Becky x

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