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It would seem that the fitness industry is having a, long overdue, shake up and hoorah for that!

Previously a big new craze only hit our gyms and church halls around every ten years or so. I’m thinking the last big crazes were Step Aerobics in the 80s, Spinning in the 90s and Zumba in the 00s.

Clearly there were other ways to get yourself a healthy ‘glow’ (read: unsightly sweat patches and wet face the colour of a varicose vein) but I remember these three as being the classes you had to sharpen your elbows to barge in.

Lately there has been an abundance of new kids on the aerobics block. Whether your approach to exercise is, at best, laid back or whether you’re an ex raver looking to ‘reach for the lasers’ one more time there is a class for you. There is also less focus on high impact exercise, which our knees will be eternally thankful for, it will also mean that the more ‘blessed’ among us can breathe a huge, sport’s bra shaped, sigh of relief.

High intensity interval training is the forerunner; how many of you are familiar with the names ‘MetaFit’, ‘Insanity’ and ‘Cross Fit’? These are all established workouts that employ interval training with varying degrees of downtime in between sets; it’s not unusual for the general consensus to be to push your body to the point of feeling faint or sick then keep going. Hardcore! A recent study proved that people employing this ‘Tabata’ style of training for 4 minutes every day for several weeks had a fitness level which far superseded those who had undertaken a less intense exercise for an hour daily. Les Mills, the New Zealand based fitness guru, who brought us: Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Attack, Body Jam et al, is releasing his own versions of these high intensity interval training classes called ‘Grit’. You just KNOW they’re going to be huge.

For those of you that are now feeling a little queasy, don’t be scared, there are loads of others to choose from! How about ‘Koga’? It’s a combination of kick- boxing and yoga……….hmmmmmm kick the crap out of someone then realign their chakras for them? Hula hooping is making a comeback. 100 calories burnt in 10 minutes…yes please! I should point out this is NOT from eating the popular crisp type snack, but from actually doing that weird thing with a circle of plastic.

If you still hanker after a glow-stick but can’t find a local ‘Ravercise’ class just don your neon leg-warmers and head to Bournemouth’s very own ‘ClubFit’; pumping music, funky instructors AND a smoothie bar, no less! Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try something fresh, even if that does result in copious amounts of giggling (which also burns loads of calories, remember!) And, yes I DO speak from experience. Still on a two-step tip? Then look no further than ‘Bokwa’? This is a South African dance inspired craze; all based on creating the letters of the alphabet with your feet. Much encouragement is given to ‘whoop’ and free-style your moves.

Spinning has also moved on; say hello to the funky ‘Soulcycle’ classes from the US, which now include weights and core work accompanied by the obligatory fabulous music. Hydro-spinning is also something I can see taking off especially for those people who have certain injuries and need to do non load-bearing exercises.

There you have it! No excuse not to workout. And I don’t mean work out how far it is to your nearest cake shop!

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