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As well as filling out facial lines, Fillers are also used to add fullness and volume to lips, or just simply to enhance your smile and create a natural pout.  I really do think the ‘TROUT’ is out and natural softer looking lips are a lot more attractive and less noticeable.

Dermal Fillers offer a safe, non-surgical and non-permanent way of enhancing your lips.  This can help create a fuller and more defined look to your lips, and gives a softer natural appearance without looking ‘done’.  A lot of my clients come for a consultation thinking ‘am i going to look like Lesley Ash?’  Absolutely not!  This poor lady had permanent Filler injected into her lips, which is now banned in the UK.  The Dermal Filler I use is semi permanent.  This means it will usually last from 6 months, on the first initial treatment, but as the Filler builds up your own natural collagen, with repeated doses you can start to go longer and longer between each treatment. 


I like to gradually build up your desired look and create beautiful looking lips that you have control over.  On your first appointment we do not have to use the full dose, you can return after 2 weeks and have a top up if you need to.  But, many women often find that they have the desired look from just one treatment.

The border of your lips diminishes as you age –  this is because we lose oestrogen, and collagen no longer reproduces after the age of 30!  Hence, why our faces can literally change over night when we hit the age of 30.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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The lips naturally start to become thinner, and fine lines start to appear around the mouth, often known as smokers lines.  Lips can be given volume and enhanced to bring back that youthful look, which also prevents the lipstick bleeding.  You often see small lines appearing as we age.  The fold that extends up towards the nose (philtrum) can also be defined by gently injecting filler into the area and giving that beautiful cupids bow definition.  I will never inject lips to look like someone from the cast of ‘Towie’.  Your face is a walking advert of my business, so I will turn clients away if this is the look they wish to go for.  I will always keep your natural shape, enhance what you already have, and give the lips a subtle natural enhancement.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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So whether you are looking to add volume, or give your lips a gentle pout, you decide on your look and how obvious you want the look to be, but I think you will be impressed with your instant natural results at The Green Room.

How to book your Consultation

All consultations are free and last approximately 15 minutes.  I will tailor a programme that suits your personal look and also take time to look over your nutrition and well-being –  which is a huge part of your appearance and happiness.

To book your consultation for lip enhancements, please call anytime on 01202 980450

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