Lip Stick Love – Valentines Day Special Offer

Love your lips Valentines Day Special Offer

Calling all you lovers of Cupid (and romance generally). We are a two shakes of a spring lamb’s tail from that day dedicated to St. Valentine. Even if you don’t buy into the mushy stuff it’s certainly a day to celebrate love and that can’t be a bad thing given our current climate, which seems to be overflowing with intolerance and negativity..!

Furthermore, I’m not necessarily talking about the love of another. I think that if no one else is likely to pamper you on February 14th then you should absolutely spoil yourself! I have a bit of a gorgeous special offer up my sleeve that I think will work wonders for both the attached and the footloose and fancy-free people out there.

So… I’ve done my homework and it seems the area that, given the choice, most women would like enhanced is… wait for it… their lips!

The reason that many women don’t act upon their desires is because they remember all those hideous trout-pouts, which appear so frequently in the media; I think this all started with Leslie Ash and counts Tulisa amongst its more recent victims. Clearly this over emphasised, swollen and unnatural look is not one many have a propensity towards. However, as with all cosmetic work, you only notice the bad ones! Unlike many other practioners, I do not stay loyal to one brand of filler. I have recognised over the past few years that different fillers offer different results and, in some cases, are more suited to specific areas. For example, someone with deep smoker’s lines around the mouth may require a different product to someone who may just want their Cupid’s bow defined (there’s that name again!)

So here’s the amazing offer…

For every lip filler treatment booked in February I will be giving away a free Arbonne lipstick to show off those new luscious kissers!

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the gorgeous Arbonne products, you are in for a treat. They pride themselves in being totally organic and free of any of any of those nasties that can harm you or the environment. Two of the predominant ingredients in their lippys are wild mango butter and pomegranate extract. Sounds like a fantastic ice-cream flavour doesn’t it?


lip enhancement special offer

Anyhow, you don’t have to trust me, just take a look at my galleries where I have a whole collection of before and after pics so you can see EXACTLY what to expect. I’m also here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Vive L’amour!

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