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About Seascape Therapy

Wellness begins and completes the person and is an essential part of modern day living.  The body should be cared for in a holistic way, beginning within, nurturing, caring and maintaining a balance.  This results in the smooth running of the self, preventing illness, easing pain and soothing the aches of the body and mind. Effective, hands on and completely organic, Seascape’s collection of therapies and beauty treatments provide the highest standards,with the importance of quality and the maximum amount of time, patience and energy  into every treatment I do.

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A little about Lucy

My journey through Holistic Therapies began in 2001 and has been an ongoing passion ever since. Gaining quality accreditation, qualifications through the IHHT National Federation of Holistic Therapies; studying at some of the best centres in the North of England.

Whilst spent several years living in Asia, I furthered my training in Northern Thailand and specialised in Thai Yoga Massage.  Learning the techniques and spiritual awareness of the renowned ‘Asokananda’ Master, as well as advanced techniques in private teaching retreats across the country.

Travel, experience and therapy training across the world has influenced and inspired Seascape Therapies; for life, balance and a better you.

Registered IHHT holistic therapist and Eve Taylor specialist
IHHT Refelexology
IHHT Diploma in Indian Head Massage
IHHT Diploma in Aromatherapy
IHHT Diploma in Swedish Body Massage
NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy.
Sunshine Massage School Certificate in Thai Yoga Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tanochai Intensive Yoga Massage Training, Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Therapies

Seascape’s range of therapies and beauty treatments, are categorised according to their focus, effect and individual style.

Health, Lifestyle & Flexibility, include body balance and flexibility treatments that help maintain the bodies harmony and overall wellness.

Holistic Stress Management  to help ease the body and mind from every day pressures.

Organic Skincare, for our Eve Taylor prescriptive facial and scalp treatments.

Finally, Waxing & Beauty Essentials, for those all important maintenance and grooming treats.

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