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There is a saying that states ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ and there can be little doubt that, of all the facial features, eyes are the most expressive and the single thing we females lavish most attention on.

There are literally hundreds of mascaras available and many of us would rather go without lipstick than without mascara (which would bring me out in hives). Arbonne’s It’s a Long Story  is:

* Long wearing
* Defines, lengthens and volumises
* Wand has 375 bristles
* Nourishes the lashes  (Remember Primer on lashes first will give a thicker look)
* Contains bamboo and pea extract and Vitamin B5 that keeps the lashes soft
* Non smudge (not waterproof) but is water resistant

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Eyelashes are BIG business…. you only have to look at the celebrity range of lashes which are available to buy to be convinced of that; Katie Price is renowned for wearing multiple pairs of ‘falsies’ at a time (apparently her own are non-existent).

If traditional false eyelashes aren’t your ‘thing’ (I, for one, always end up looking like a Picasso painting by the end of the night, one strip flapping loosely on one eye, the other firmly glued to my cheek) then there are the individual lash extensions that can be painstakingly glued to your own. These are great for occassions, but long term they can leave our own lashes a little shorter than we would like to admit.

Increasingly women (and possibly men, although we all know they have much better lashes than us to start with) are turning to products that promise to lengthen and strengthen their own lashes. These come with a variety of price tags and success stories.

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Eyelashes increased in density by 28% in just two weeks and up to 56% in 6 weeks. Just staggering results and the lashes remain YOUR OWN!! Obviously the serum is more expensive than DIY jobbies. However, it’s probably cheaper than 2 sets of extensions and much longer lasting.

I’ve always been one for a bit of eyelash fluttering or a cheeky wink, now I can do it with all my own eyelashes and ones which are actually on my eyes and not halfway down my face. Result!Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 13.46.09


Buy one bottle of Lash Enhancer and receive a free Arbonne Mascara which contains bamboo extract. This naturally thickens and strengthens the lashes. So with that as well as the serum you will be like daisy the cow by Xmas time!

The Lash Enhancer is so easy to apply and you will only need a tiny droplet of the solution onto a brush that comes in your pack. You will need to apply every night for 6-9 weeks, then as required to top up in future months.

£59 x 1 or £89 for x2

This special offer is for a limited time only as we only have 10 in stock!!

To place your orders please call today!!

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