“Make Me Wrinkle Free!” (But Not Frozen)

This is increasingly becoming a common request from clients when coming for treatment at The Green Room. After the initial consultation I explain that going ‘wrinkle free / Frozen look’ can actually make you look older than you really are.

In the past clients were more focused on the adverse affect that lines made on the face cosmetically but now increasingly more clients are becoming concerned on the first impression they portray when meeting people. A strong deep frown line (vertical line(s) between the eyebrows) is commonly associated with an angry individual.

Though the cause of the line is due to frowning constantly, it doesn’t imply that the individual is an angry or cross person.

Some people have a natural habit of contracting these muscles even when their in a good mood, when their writing, studying or doing anything that requires extra concentration. Apparently I stick my tongue out too when concentrating! Cant fix this with Botox though!

When any expression is carried out repetitively it becomes engraved in the skin which are due to repetitive contractions. Did you know that your nutrition and the position which you sleep can also have a huge effect on your wrinkles. I’ll be writing about this in next weeks blog so look out for that.

I have many professionals now walking through my door asking for the more natural look. A look which I try to promote to all my clients as this allows them to express
How many celebrity’s do we see on television that have this fake plastic look? They just don’t look very attractive and although what might seem attractive to one person is different to another, I feel that having treatment to enhance your look and not change your facial features, are much more pleasing to the eye than looking plastic fantastic.

My recent survey at the GREEN ROOM, shows that most professionals who are having treatments have jobs that require them to meet people, e.g. sales , marketing, banking jobs. Upto 60% of our new clients fall in this category and with the current business climate a good percentage of senior level executives are looking for new jobs and have realized the importance of their first impression.

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