Botox or “Bro”tox – The number of men having Botox in the UK hits all time high

According to a report over the weekend on the Daily mail website, it seems that the number of men in the UK, having Botox is up by 25% since 2012.

Bianca London Writes;

Simon Cowell and Rylan Clark have both admitted to freezing time with the help of Botox – and it seems that the public are catching on.

One Harley Street clinic has seen male patient visits increase by 25 per cent during 2013.

Dr Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111 Harley Street, has seen a rapidly growing male patient base over the past five years, with demand reaching unprecedented levels this year.

Speaking about the rise, he said: ‘Men used to book appointments first thing in the morning or late at night so there was no risk of being faced with a waiting room with other people; there was a genuine fear of the stigma attached to visiting a cosmetic surgeon.

‘Male patients now visit during peak hours, whether it be on a lunch break for a Botox treatment, or taking an afternoon off for an anti-ageing Fraxel laser session.’

The demand for non-surgical treatments showed peaks at certain times during the year, with an influx pre-Christmas and during February bonus season.

This is reportedly down to workers aiming to look ‘calm and de-stressed’.

‘Workers are under tremendous pressure to achieve, and my male patients want lasting results that look natural.

‘A single Botox treatment can last four months while the thought of applying cosmetics each day is daunting’, Dr Alexandrides explained.

Here at the Green Room, I’d have to agree with the Daily Mail’s report as in Bournemouth I have seen my male client list grow by 28%, in the last 12 months.  However it isn’t only the increase in Botox treatments among my male clients that have increased, I also do more facial peels and tag removals too.

I’m not really surprised at all, as ever since the concept of the metro-sexual male was invented, men have been catching up on us girls, with their overall grooming.

It started with the hairsprays, gels, and waxes, closely followed by well groomed facial hair, and more potions and lotions than most of their mothers would use.

But why not?  Why shouldn’t a man have the right to look his best, the same as us girls.  It’s all fair and well him going out and buying a £300 jacket to wear out but he wants the face and hair to match.

Most of the treatments I offer my female clients are also available to men.  There is a minor price variation, so please get in touch with me if you have a specific requirement.  As always I am happy to offer a free 30 minute consultation, with no obligation to proceed with any treatment.

If you wish to read the full article from the Daily Mail website, you can find it HERE.

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