Areas Treated with Botox, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Skin Peels, Dermaroller, Priori Facials

Botox treatment areas


The pursuit of beauty is something that touches almost every woman on the planet.  Some of us chase the anti-ageing dream with the relentless purchase of every new wonder cream on the market, and others are happy with a slick of mascara as they dash out the door!  But, we all want to feel our best and sometimes feeling great on the inside depends on a little help on the outside.

As a highly skilled medical professional with over a decade of nursing experience, and prestigious medical aesthetics qualifications from the esteemed Harley Street clinic,  I am fascinated with Facial Rejuvenation treatments and the incredible results they achieve.  I do not advocate surgery unless it really is needed and I do not want to make people look ‘done’ – I am simply thrilled to see women’s confidence soar when they see the dramatic effects that the subtle use of Dermal Fillers, Botox, Chemical Skin Peels or Dermaroller can have on their looks.

What happens during and after treatment?

When you arrive for a treatment, I will take time with every client to study each face individually.  Not only will I spend time explaining the procedure and the type of look you wish to have, I also look at your nutrition and lifestyle, which is such an important part of the consultation.

The actual treatment itself only takes around 10-15 minutes, but please allow longer for the consultation which can take 45 minutes to an hour.

The needles that I use are the same as diabetic insulin needles, so they are of top medical quality, very delicate to use, and much more comfortable for my clients.  The treatment will only bring minimal and brief discomfort.  However, I can numb the area with an ice-pack or anaesthetic cream prior to treatment, if requested.

Following your treatment, you should avoid touching the area, remain upright and avoid exercise and alcohol for 6 hours.  I have after-care cards for you to take away with you, which will give you all the information you need to look after yourself appropriately after your treatment.

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