New Year, New You!

So, how was it for you? Did you manage to laugh inappropriately at all your boss’s crappy jokes, whilst dribbling red wine down your chin, at the office party?

Did you manage to scoff an entire tin of Quality Street before the Turkey had even hit the oven? What we wanted for Christmas was to have skin that was plump and wrinkle free. And now we have. On our stomachs.

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! January de-tox! Now, come on, admit it. It was all getting a bit much wasn’t it? That never-ending circle of rubbish TV, late nights, booze and beige food? For the first time ever I ran out of indigestion tablets before I ran out of chocolate. Weird. I can’t help with the television stuff but the rest of it is easily fixed. And the great thing is everyone is the same boat.

New Year Detox 2It’s a pay off really. You spend much of December over-indulging in various ways knowing that come the New Year it all stops and we start to redress the balance and feel human again.

And this time I’m talking about regimes that start from the INSIDE.

Obviously there are costly and quick fix techniques for weight loss but they are not going to give you back that sense of vitality and well-being.

Those missing elements are going to come from improved diets and more exercise; yes they’ve been saying it for years…because it’s true!

I’m a great advocate of weight training and as well as teaching my 3 combat classes per week I love juicing at least 4 times per week. I know some of those green ones look positively nuclear but believe me they don’t taste half as scary as they look. In fact I would go as far as saying they’re pretty good.

New Year Detox 3Although they can contain kale, spinach, celery, broccoli, cucumber etc., the secret ingredient is the apple, which makes the whole juice taste sweet and delicious.

More importantly that’s all your 5-a-day right there in one glass! So if you replaced one meal with one juice or smoothie you’re on the way to weight loss and a healthier immune system.

Clearly, that’s just one way that you can start your ‘New Year, New You’ campaign.

Nutrition is a complex thing and different people and lifestyles require different approaches. If you feel Rudolph’s nose and Santa’s belly just aren’t suiting you anymore just give me a shout and we’ll blitz it together.

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