Non Surgical Facelifts – All the gain, without the pain?

Non Surgical facelift

You know those days where you wake up feeling pretty good?

Less aches and pains then normal, sun may be shining, people managing to not get on your last nerve? And then you look in the mirror! Reality check!

Your face is not reflecting that harmonious inner being. In fact your face is saying that you probably had one too many Babychams last night and then tried to fight a hedge on the way home.

However, all is not lost. There is a massive array of options out there that can reverse the signs of age WITHOUT going under the knife which allow you a gentler option of getting old gracefully.

I’m referring specifically to what’s commonly known as the non-surgical facelift. This is generally a combination of Botox, Dermal Fillers and Chemical Peels and ALL of them sound much scarier than they are; plus the recuperation time is minimal.

Botox is that magic potion that paralyses muscles and erases lines and doesn’t have to leave you with that permanently startled, immovable face look. Put another way if you notice someone’s had Botox it’s probably not been done very well! However, it WILL have people commenting how well and healthy you look.

Fillers are those wonderful things that plump sagging skin and give a generally ‘lifted’ effect. The most popular uses are the nasolabial folds (that deepening crease/line that runs from nose to mouth), lines round the mouth (caused by one too many ciggies/ a particularly tough life/ genetics/sundamage) and the cheeks to add a plumpness that may have deteriorated in recent years.

Chemical peels have drastically improved in the last few years and range in strengths depending on whether you need an instant ‘brightener’ or have a more deep-rooted or specific problem you want to tackle. They can tingle on the face and cause some initial redness (again this will be linked to the strength of your peel) but I talk from experience when I say the results are outstanding!

I have more clients tell me that people have noticed their skin and how glowing they look as opposed to the injectable treatments they have had.

‘So many needles’ I can hear some of you shout. Well, while there are obviously needles involved, it’s a comfort for you to know that I have been a nurse for over 12 years with the majority of my career spent in peadiatrics so Im used to working with small needles with a very steady hand. Im a highly skilled and experienced aesthetic nurse and I also teach other Doctors and Nurses how to do Dermal Fillers and Botox up at Harley Street in London.

I use local anesthetic (Lidocaine) to numb the face so you will only feel a slight tingle as the Lidocaine is administered; the remaining procedures will leave you pain free and without looking like a pin cushion afterwards. There can be occasional bruising but that is also short-lived.

Isn’t it ridiculous that at a time when we should be feeling happier in our skin we get too scared to smile because of wrinkles? This non-surgical, liquid face-lift will leave you looking firmer, fresher and younger and for a fraction of the price of an invasive procedure. Now that IS something to smile about.

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