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Want Beautiful lips, without the “Trout Pout look.  My Lip enhancements use Dermal Fillers to enhance your smile and give a natural pout.  Dermal Fillers offer a safe, non-surgical and non-permanent way of enhancing your lips.  This can help create a fuller and more defined look to the lips and gives a softer natural appearance without looking ‘done’.

I like to gradually build up your desired look and create beautiful looking lips that you have control over.  On your first appointment we don’t have to use the full dose, you can return after 2 weeks and have a top up if you need to.  But many women often find that they have the desired look from just one treatment. 

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The way I inject Botox is unique.  Having worked as a paediatric nurse for the majority of my nursing career, I am comfortable using these smaller needles.

They are tiny in size, cause less trauma to the skin and 99% of clients will not bruise.  The majority of my clients having Botox treatments often say that they can hardly feel it.  It is actually more painful to have a waxing treatment or pluck your brows.

I like to keep my clients looking natural.  Allowing for expression on the face is a look I prefer, as this actually makes them look younger.  (Naturally if the client specifically wishes to have the frozen look, this can also be achieved).


Consultations are so important before having any form of treatment, and at The Green Room you will receive a warm welcome and an honest and thorough consultation, which will naturally be confidential.
I do not just look at the persons face – it is also about nutrition and lifestyle, the whole package is what can give you that glow from the inside out.

Please click HERE to read more about Botox treatments and to see before and after pictures of my clients!

Special Offers AHA Facial Peel

Special Offer on AHA Facial Treatments, Buy 1 for £39 or 2 for £59

Beauty facials are a lovely treat and fantastic for relaxation, but this usually only lasts for 24 hours.  They can often be followed by breakouts and no long term lasting results, whereas the AHA facials at The Green Room will actually give you the results you desire.  More commonly known as a Skin Peel, the AHA facial treatment often puts people off as hearing the word ‘peel’ they picture their face shedding like a snake!

AHA facials will not make you peel and there is no downtime.

Many of my clients will visit in their lunch break and return to work that day with a glowing complexion. Trained Medical Professionals like myself can use alpha hydroxy acid products that have a concentration of 20% to 70%.  These chemical peels give results that erase fine lines and give the skin a smoother appearance with 1 to 3 applications.

Please click HERE to read more about my AHA Facial treatments and to see before and after pictures of my clients!

Special Offers Non Surgical Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift is a revolutionary alternative to a surgical facelift.
Results are seen in less than 1 hour, with no recuperation time and no surgery needed.

The Liquid Facelift is a non-surgical method of correcting facial volume loss and creating a refreshed more youthful appearance.

The results are comparable to a surgical facelift without the cost, surgery, risk or recovery time.

Please click HERE to read more about my Liquid Facelifts and to see before and after pictures of my clients!

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