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Image of all the areas available for Botox



Botox Single Area (Frown) – £150 -£180
Botox Single Area (Both Eyes) – £160 – £199

Botox 2 Areas Frown & Forehead – £220- £280

Botox 2 Areas Frown & Eyes – £230- £280

Botox 3 Areas – £250- £320

  • Please note the lower pricing is for our VIP members – ask at reception on how to become a VIP member and receive discounts on treatments, 50% off skincare and detox packs 


Botox Single Area – £220

Botox 2 Areas – £320

Botox 3 Areas – £399  (£360 for all future bookings)

Specific Key Treatments With Botox

Botox for Bunny Lines – £50

Botox for Hyperhydrosis (Excessive sweating)  – £450

Botox for Neck & Jaw Lift – £200

Botox for Neck/Platysma Bands  –  £200


Image of the areas suitable for dermal fillersDermal Fillers

Lip Enhancement

Please note – the filler can be changed on the day to suit your face. If you are not sure which to select when booking, just select the Juvederm 3 as I will know as soon as I speak with you in person if the filler needs to be changed.

Juvederm 1 ml – £290

Emervel 1 ml – £290

Stylage 1 ml – £290

Cheek Enhancement

Juvederm Voluma – £390-£650

Tear Trough

This will be for both eyes but the cheeks will be assessed first as this is often the reason we have this sunken look under our eyes.


Frown Lines

Frown Line 1 ml – £290

Lower Facial Lines

Marionette and Nasiolabial Lines

Juvederm 4  2 mls – £450 – £500 At the side of the mouth

Marionette Lines Juvederm 4- 1 ml – £250- £290

Liquid Non Surgical Face Lift – £999

This combines a mix of Dermal Fillers and Botox to gently lift the face and neck area and free post treatment skincare

Please see the photo gallery on the Liquid facelift page

Consultation essential for this treatment before to discuss which areas of the face we will be treating and also to assess your skincare needed pre and post treatment

Restylane Vital for Face/Chest/Hands

Skin Booster single – £290

Skin Booster x 3 plus skincare – £999


AHA Facial Peels

Single AHA Facial   £99 – (20% only)

Single AHA Medical Grade Peels  £99-£180  (35% – 70% )

NEW Brightening or Clarifying Peel
ONLY £10 extra to add on to your existing treatment – See page for more details about giving your skin that extra boost!

TCA Peel

x 1 – £250

x 3 – £900

This includes all skincare

OBAGI NU DERM Skincare System

Obagi Nu Derm – £460

Obagi Nu Derm Travel Pack – £290


Please note this includes prescription based medication, VIT C serum and prescription tretinoin 

You will be required to visit for consultation and your prescription products can be ordered and delivered in 2-3 days.


The course includes 3 Dermaroller plus 2 x free AHA peels and skincare – £750

Single Treatment – £250


1-6 zaps £99

7-17 zaps – £150

18-25 zaps – £230


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Consultations are in-depth looking at your skin, heath, nutrition and makeup as these play such a huge part in the on-going results of your treatment. The consultation is included in your treatment cost, but if you just wish to book a consultation a £50 charge is applied. This £50 will be deducted when you book in ahead for your treatment (either that day or within the next 4-6 weeks)
When booking your appointment, a debit of  £1.50 will be made from your card, which will then be deducted from your final total on the day of treatment.   If you cannot attend, and fail to notify us within 24 hours of your appointment, a £50.00 deduction will be made from your card.

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