Why size really does matter!

Size Does Matter! ! It really does.

And before you think I’m being rude, I’m talking about the size of the needles I use at The Green Room for my botox treatments. I use very tiny needles, in fact they are the same size that children use to give themselves insulin. It’s actually more painful having a waxing or plucking your eyebrows!

Many practitioners I know admit to using the same needle for the entire Botox treatment, which can be upto 15 injections! Ouch!

By the second or third injection, needles are usually blunt, hence why I hear so many people saying “I always bruise when I’ve had Botox previously”… That’s until they had Botox at The Green Room.

I used to work as a paediatric nurse so I’m used to dealing with very delicate skin and have an extremely steady hand. For me it’s not about how much money I can save per individual, it’s the comfort of my clients that will always come first.

Standard Botox Needle

The Standard Botox Needle

Imagine having to explain to your partner or friends why you’re covered in bruises! I run a very discreet and confidential clinic and want women/men to feel confident and trust the treatments they have will not be visible on leaving The Green Room.

BD Microfine Botox needle

My BD Microfine Needles


Clients can return to work or home that day with no evidence of treatment. I appreciate many like to keep this treatment a secret and if that means using 15-20 different needles I will never compromise the comfort of my clients.

If you would like more information on Botox or any of the Aesthetic treatments I offer, please get in touch via phone or email via my contact page.

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