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I’m sure that I’ve banged on enough about all the wonderful procedures and creams I can offer to improve your skin but how about the things you can do at home to keep that epidermis plump, clear and wrinkle free?

For those who suffer with acne or spotty outbreaks (even though our teenage years were eons ago) achieving great skincare can be a minefield.  

However, all is not lost, there are some well documented tips that are worth mentioning again, plus some less well-known insider tips, and you can always rely on a small dollop of ‘Green Room’ treatments on the side to top things off!

Firstly, and THE single most important thing you can do for your skin is…… (in the words of the famous Baz Luhrman song) ‘wear sunscreen’. If dermatologists had their way we would be banned from tanning forever. In the UK we don’t see much of the sun and we love our beach holidays but you can minimise the damage by wearing a high SPF. If you don’t you risk aging really fast, having skin that resembles a crocodile handbag and skin cancer. Nice.

This should really be part of your daily routine, alongside cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. Furthermore try not to pick at spots (tough, right?) or touch your face generally; your hands are FULL of bacteria. It also helps if you can avoid skin products that have fragrances, bright colours or allergenic preservatives. Use a gentle cleanser and non-abrasive facecloth, obviously the cleanser and moisturiser you choose will depend on your skin type and I’m always happy to advise. Use warm water (never hot) and avoid overly long baths or showers. Avoid those prune like fingers!

I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog how important drinking plenty of water is to your skin and I’m saying it again. You can also look to increase your consumption of raw water-rich fruits and vegetables; in fact all those foods rich in anti-oxidants. At the same time cutting back on caffeine and alcohol will work wonders. Sorry.

If fine lines are appearing when your face is relaxed e.g. Crow’s feet and forehead it’s time for Botox; only if those wrinkles bother you, of course. Botox works much better on finer lines. Those creases that are deeply etched may not respond to this particular treatment. However, I can recommend other treatments that can help in this case; chemical peels and fillers offer fantastic results. Smile lines, grooves under the eye, sunken cheeks, sagging jowls and thin lips can all benefit fantastically from a filler or peel.

You cannot underestimate the power that healthy living and being happy has on your skin. Avoiding stressful situations while employing a healthy diet and taking regular exercise are all key to achieving that youthful, rosy glow. For those of you that are seeking some additional help, I am just a phone call or email away.

Rebecca x

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