Skin Problems ? Then Ditch the Dairy

It took me until the age of 30 to know my triggers for my spotty outbreaks. It would always be on my chin, neck and jaw line. I started by cutting out wheat and dairy and not only did I see a dramatic difference in my skin but also my energy levels went up, as did the hours my head was on the pillow.

I’ve never really needed a lot of sleep, that was until I started climbing closer to 40 and I must say those 8 uninterrupted hours a night are definitely something you do need as you get older.

Now back to my rant on dairy, yes I do feel really quite passionate about it because I’m seeing people into their 50’s for adult acne and the first thing I ask at consultation is 1. Are you drinking milk or consuming dairy products? 2. How much water are you drinking every day? (see my blog on the benefits of water from a few weeks ago).

Clients with skin problems whether it’s eczema, psoriasis, acne, spotty, irritated or sensitive skin will see a massive improvement in their skin when eradicating dairy completely from their diet. My grandad was a dairy farmer and we used to drink it literally straight from the cow, with no nasal blockage, no spotty outbreaks or diarrhoea. Why? Because my Granddad didn’t mess with nature!

Dairy farmers are now encouraged to add growth feed and hormones to the cow feeds as this makes the cow fatter when it comes to sell at market. But all those chemicals are being passed out through the feed and into your milk carton. Then there’s the process of Homogenisation. Homogenisation has no beneficial food value; in fact it seems it has the very opposite.

Homogenisation forces the milk under extreme pressure, through tiny holes. This breaks up the normally large fat particles into tiny ones and forces the fat to form tiny molecular clusters, thus ensuring that the molecules do not regroup and form a cream layer on top of the milk. Instead, in this denatured state, they stay suspended in the milk. However, not only do they not regroup, the process also makes digestion almost impossible.

The tiny molecules enter the bloodstream directly as undigested fat. Additives and sweeteners are then added back to the milk so that it ‘lasts’ in your fridge urgghhhhhh! Most milk & organic milk sold in supermarkets is now homogenised. To help those of you who want to stay clear of homogenised milk, then ditch that dairy and source organic milk from your local farm or even better try Almond milk. I will be blogging about the benefits of almond milk this week.

Right rant over – Almond milk and non dairy hot choc for me before bed! Yummy xx

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