Sweaty Betty!

Everyone sweats, its normal, but when the sweating becomes an embarrassment and feels uncomfortable to the individual then it might be time to do something about it.

Sweating is an adaptive response designed to enable individuals to cool down. As the moisture evaporates, it carries off excess heat, helping to reduce the body’s temperature.

However, you may be among the many people who suffer from excessive sweating. The condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis and, according to figures cited by the NHS, more than one million people in England alone currently suffer from this condition.

While it may be reassuring to note that you are not by any means alone, you are no doubt still eager to tackle the problem. After all, it can be highly embarrassing and may have prevented you wearing particular clothing, engaging in certain tasks and so on.
The fantastic news is that by heading to clinics like The Green Room you can access superb hyperhidrosis treatment that could significantly improve the quality of your life.

Botox injections can be used to address the problem by blocking the action of sweat glands and ensuring that you remain dry and comfortable even when it is warm or when you are under pressure.

Botox treatment takes around 20-30minutes and you should notice a considerable improvement within several days of being treated.

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