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I started my new job as a trainer up at Harley Street last month and I have to say I’m really enjoying it.

When they contacted me back in October I really thought they had called the wrong person!

They had been watching me for the year and said they were really impressed with my injection technique and asked me to join the team of professionals up at Harley Street in London.

When I first took the call I had to try and sound all professional, I couldn’t believe I was being given this amazing opportunity, but as soon I put the phone down I was literally doing the ‘Carlton Dance’ . If you haven’t seen Fresh Prince of Bel-Air then pop that phrase into Youtube (or click on the link at the bottom of this blog ) and you have me dancing about my lounge in the same way!

I was asked to join the team and train other doctors and nurses in the field of aesthetics, so that included Botox, Dermal Fillers and Chemical Skin Peels, and I will soon be teaching DermaRoller (Collagen Induction Therapy).

It’s so lovely to be able to teach others the skills and knowledge gained throughout my own career in aesthetics. I find that by making them feel at ease through out the day and using positive encouragement they actually enjoy the day, as opposed to seeing it as a scary nerve racking exam!

I always start by making them feel positive and visualizing that there business will succeed. It’s something I have learnt over the last 4 years and vital in your own personal wellbeing and working environment.

When I first completed my initial training I felt so alone in the industry, I had left my nursing job to go into the world of aesthetics and you are really alone. I went from a busy A and E department to self employed. It was really scary stuff.

But I think if you have a goal or a dream in sight, you have to hold onto that in your mind and really believe that what you want is achievable. It’s got me where I am today and will continue to get me to where I’m aiming for.

Written By Rebecca Green 


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