The Key To Having Great Looking Skin

Your skin is probably the single most notable indication of your health and lifestyle.   People that are healthy are said to be ‘glowing’, others that may have been ill or burning the candle at both ends may notice their skin becomes dull with a grey/green tinge!

But fear not, party pixies, there are a few steps you can take to drastically improve your skins appearance, especially on the face.

1. Wash your face twice a day; cleanliness is paramount! Use 2 flannells, one black (use this first to remove all makeup) then wash the face 2-3 times with your Arbonne chemical free facewash! Yes I know I talk about Arbonne alot but these products are outstanding and remove all makeup, without the nasty harsh chemicals in that stip your skin PH levels. Use the white flannel to check that there is no makeup/dirt on the skin.

2, Take your make-up off as soon as you get in.  Don’t get too comfy or start doing other chores first or it will be less likely to happen!

3. Ensure the products you apply to your skin are free from nasties (chemicals , parabens etc)which could be doing more harm than good. Products containg mineral oil actually age you quicker and block the pores. If you have a greasy T Zone this will most likley be the mineral oil in the product! yuck!

4.  During your morning/daytime routine apply your serum, moisturizer, spf(minimum 30) and make up.    Before bed use both sides of your Genius pads on your face, neck and décolletage.  It works brilliantly on the back of hands too!

5. If you’re still suffering from breakouts you may want to think about cutting alcohol, dairy, wheat and sugar from your diet. Don’t worry I have some amazing alternatives that are all vegan so no dairy,gluten,soya or wheat in the snacks and meals I advise on.

6. More protein will really improve things.  If you find it hard to get more protein into your diet, then try an Arbonne protein shake.  They also taste REALLY good! Don’t believe me then text/email us your address and we will send you a free sample!

7. Drink more water.  But you knew this right?  It really does flush all those horrible toxins away

So there you have it.   A few ideas that would take minutes to do but could make such a huge difference to how your skin looks and feels. 

Why not trial it for a month and then watch the compliments come flooding in?

Free Trial Bag – Contact us anytime to arrange a free skin consultation and try the products before you buy… You would never get this in Boots or leading department  stores! But how can you be sure that your skin is suited to something until you try it!

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