Using the wrong eye Gel!

We’ve all done it. Mistakenly used the wrong ‘item’ in the most inappropriate of ways.

Two examples spring immediately to mind: firstly the woman who, when sat in a very hot theatre, reached in her handbag and liberally used her ‘iced perfume stick’ all over her face and neck only to realise during the interval that she’d actually used lipstick!

The other was a woman who’d given herself a quick freshen up ‘down below’ before an appointment with her gynaecologist only to discover, too late, that she’d used her young daughter’s flannel which was covered in sparkles and fairy dust!

Apparently her doctor remarked that it was nice of her to make the effort. Eeeek!

Eye Gel 1On a more serious note I recently had my own tale of mistaken identity. Unfortunately there wasn’t the hint of hilarity that my earlier anecdotes shared but it was enough for me to realise this must happen a lot more often than documented.

I’m also using it as an opportunity to remind you that you should ALWAYS read your labels carefully, or at least put the light on, before you apply any cream or lotion to your skin.

Before I elaborate further can I just explain (to those of you that don’t know) that I have been, head down, studying for several months now.

In fact my head’s been so down I think it may have been temporarily lodged somewhere where the sun doesnt shine!

Eye Gel 2My moment of idiocy came about when I confused my face wash, which contains aha (of the facial peel variety) and eye cream. In my defence the packaging is identical and they both contain the word ‘gel’.

So I carefully dab my ‘eye cream’ on my studious eye bags while thinking ‘hmmmm bit runny’ then promptly fall asleep.

Three hours later I woke up, checked the mirror and was confronted with a slightly less hairy version of a bloodhound (best in show, obviously). If you don’t believe me check out the photos. Looking good hey!!

The gel I was sent to use is actually a gel designed for application to the whole face following a peel. After the eye bag incident, I used this gel and within a few days was actually looking better that I had before.

Eye Gel 3Again, you can check the photos, un ‘photo-shopped’.

When I called the company responsible for the gels to keep them informed, I stated how amazed I was with the reduced wrinkles around my eyes.

Apparently their whole office has now started applying the gel, as they are all equally impressed with the quality. I also told them about their packaging and my eye incident!

She was rather sympathetic and assured me she would relay the info back to her head office!

So there are ups and downs to not reading your products and tubes properly: the downside Eye Gel 5is I had to walk round with a prosthetic looking, baggy face for a few days; the upside is I’ve discovered an amazing new product and, out there in middle England, there is an office full of people suddenly looking ten years younger!

For more info on this wonderful gel (don’t worry I’ll send you the right one) Please call anytime on 01202 761742. Thanks for reading

Rebecca x

Images: As you can see from the first image, my eyes were in a pretty bad way.  Using the wrong product made them sag and made me look older. 

Eye Gel 6Fortunately the gel I used to combat the problem, not only got my eyes looking as they were before, it made them look even more youthful.

Incredible to think that what started out as a disaster, has actually given me a fantastic new beauty tip.

This is definitely a product that I will now continue to use on a regular basis and I am happy to recommend to family, friends and clients.

In fact, I am so impressed, that this Eye Gel is now a Green Room stock item and available to all.

I love finding new products and discovering amazing beauty treatments…. I just hope next time I don’t have to do it in quite the same way!


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