Valentines Lips – Without the Trout

Natural lip Enhancements without the trout pout

Ah. Valentines Day! Depending on where you stand on the romantic spectrum, it’s either a day to get giddy with excitement having spent HOURS perusing the cards in Clintons, or it’s a day to avoid at all costs while muttering under your breath about “commercialism and how “flowers make you sneeze anyway.  

While still being secretly a little bit chuffed when you get an ‘anonymous’ Valentines card (from your mum. Again).

Even if you haven’t got anyone to snog at the moment that doesn’t mean you can’t pay some attention to those (potentially) luscious lips of yours. Even those lucky ones amongst us that were born with the fullest of mouths a la Angelina Jolie may find that in later years those two plump, juicy sausages are starting to look like they’ve been left on the barbecue too long.

Furthermore, a slightly Dot Cotton ’40 a dayer’ line or two can start to appear giving a hardened, pinched look to the face. This always looks particularly gorgeous when lipstick bleeds into it. I jest of course. It’s unsightly and automatically makes you look years older.

I realise that lip enhancement has had some bad press in recent years. This was due to the celebrity called Lesley Ash who opted for a cheap treatment using Collagen, which thankfully has now been banned. As with most procedures you only really notice the bad ones! I believe the trout is out and we are going to see a return to a much more natural, softer mouth.

That is not to say that if you’ve always wanted a fuller/smoother top lip or a more defined Cupid’s bow you can’t or shouldn’t have one. I just guarantee that I won’t leave you with a rock-hard duck like pout!

I achieve this by initially injecting very small amounts of Dermal Filler where required. It’s a safe, non-surgical and non-permanent procedure that has excellent results. The majority of my clients find that one session is enough but, if after a couple of weeks, you feel some extra plumping is required I’m more than happy to do a top-up.

The results are noticeable immediately which means you have instant feel good factor. When you feel confident fabulous things happen. Lip gloss at the ready ladies……………………..

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